Pendleton Dist., SC - Guardian of Robert W. Reeves et al

1819 Guardian - Robert W. Reeves et al

Guardian - Robert W. Reeves, et al

State of So Carolina
Pendleton District

In the Court of Ordinary the sixth day of Septr 1819 and of the Independence of the United States of America

By John Harris, Esqr Ordinary of sd District

On the Personal application of Robert W. Reeves a (minor of the age of 15 years) to appoint Mr. John Reeves as his Guardian. I have made have of & appointed sd John Reeves Guardian of the Person & Estate of the sd Robt W. Reeves also of the persons & estate of four other minors viz. Frances Reeves, 13 yeas old, Jane Reeves, 11 years old, Patience Reeves 9 years old, Elizabeth Reeves, 7 years old, with full power to recover and receive the same.

Wherefore be it known that I having Jurisdiction, full power & Authority to appoint Guardians in such cases, In consideration of the premises have nominated, elected, chosen & by this premises do nominate, elect and choose you the sd John Reives to be Guardian of the persons & Personal Estate of the sd fine (minors) viz Robt W. Reives, Frances Reives, Jane Reives, Patience Reives & Elizabeth Reives until they attain the age of twenty one years. This Court doth hereby give & grant unto you the sd John Reeves full power & authority to demand sue for, recover & receive from every person & persons whatever all & every sum & sums of money & other Estate of a personal kind to which they the sd minors is intitled in or any were intitled unto & to do, execute & perfor all & singular such acts & things whatsoever tuching (sic) the recovery & receipt of the same, as they the sd minors might or could do were they of full age. Never the less in trust & for the only use & benefit of the sd minors. In testimony whereof I have her unto set my hand & seal the year & day here within.

                                   John Harris OPD (Seal)

Recorded September 6, 1819

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