1822 POA - Allens to Geer

POA - Bartlett & Mary Reeves Allen to Jesse B. Geer

Madison County, Kentucky
Deed Book P, Pg 211-212
Written 25 Jan 1822
Recorded 22 Oct 1822


To all to whom this may come know ye that we Bartlett Allen and Mary Allen his wife both of the County of Wake and The State of North Carolina Heirs and Representatives of William Reeves, Sr. late of the County of Madison State of Kentucky Dec’d for sundrie good causes and reasons as hereunto moving towards our friend, Jesse B. Geer of the County of Wake and State of North Carolina, have by these presents appointed the said Jesse B. Geer our whole and sole attorney in fact for us and to our use ask sue for seek and recover from all persons whatsoever all sums of money or other property both personal and real as may becoming or due to us by the death of the said William Reeves, and we do hereby authorize and empower our said attorney in fact, one or more attorneys at law to appoint, under him to act and do and again at his pleasure to revoke and discharge and acquittances to give which said actings and doings. We do and will forever warrant and defend to be good and valid to all intents and purposes in as full and ample a manner as we might could or would have done were we personally present to all intents and purposes.

          In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 25th day of January 1822.
Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence        §                                                                     Bartlett Allen
Of Robert Handcock, Frederick C. Geer, Jr.   §                                                                     Mary (x) Allen
Vinkler Jones, Jurat

State of North Carolina         §     In the Court of Pleas and quarter sessions
Wake County                           §    Third Monday of May A D 1822

          The Execution of the within Letter of attorney from Bartlett Allen & his wife Mary Allen to Jesse B. Geer was duly proven by the oath of Vinkler Jones, a subscribing witness thereto taken in open court. Whereupon it was ordered by the Court that the same Deed and letter of attorney be registered and also that the Clerk of this Court certify the same to all persons whom it may concern.

                      In Testimony whereof I Benjamin S. King, Clerk of the said
      (Seal)     Court have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seals of
                      my hands and affixed the seals of my Office of Wake County
                      this 20th day of May 1822.           Benjamin S. King, CC

          Registered in Registers Office of Wake County in Book 5 and Page 183 the 2nd day of July 1822.           Rich. Smith, Reg.

I William Baylor Presiding Justice and Judge of the Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions for said County do hereby that Benjamin L. King who hath made the foregoing certificate is the Clerk of said Court and the certificate and this — is in due form of law. Given under my hand this 20th day of May A. D. 1822.
                                                                                                  Wm. Baylor, P.J. & J.

Kentucky, Madison County Ct.
          I David Irvine Clerk of the Court of the County aforesaid do hereby certify that this Power of Attorney was produced to me in my office on the 22nd Day of October 1822 with the certificates thereon endorsed and by virtus of said certificates the same has been duly recorded in my Office.
                                                                                                  Attest – David Irvine, Clerk


Madison County, Kentucky Deed Book P, Pg 211-212, online scanned document at Family Search

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