Mecklenburg Co., NC - 1822 Quit Claim Deed, Daniel Smith Heirs

1822 Quit Claim Deed - Daniel Smith Heirs

Quit Claim Deed - Daniel Smith Heirs

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Deed Book 24, Pg 133
22 Jun 1822

State of North Carolina Mecklenburg Know all men by these presents that we in hare (sic) named are hereunto subscribed to wit Joseph Smith Daniel Smith John Smith Jane Glover & Hannah Reaves Children of Daniel Smith late of the County & state aforesd & Henry H. Glover & William Reaves husband of Jane Glover & Hannah Reaves all of us being the proper heirs at law of the Sd. Daniel Smith Decd late of the County & state affoursd. (sic) who died Indebted & taking in consideration the situate (sic) of Elizabeth Smith our Mother & Widdow of the Sd. Daniel Smith Decd in consequence of his dying Intestate have Although proper being Heirs at law at full proper being cost? for ourselves to place our Mother the Sd. Elizabeth of the County & State afoursd. in a situation & circumstance as we think better the new one the purpose of Educating supporting raising the other children of the Sd. D. Smith Decd which are underage & now with her until he do become of age do by these presents relinquish all right title claim & Interest that we may might should or of right ought to have or claim of the Sd. Estate of Daniel Smith decd unto the Sd. Elizabeth Smith our Mother To have hold & enjoy & do with as she pleases forever & we do further resine relies & quit claim to any & every part & to all maner of property or mony that we might could have claimed of the Sd. Estate in consequence of his the Sd. Daniel Smith dying Intestate so that neither of us or our heirs or assigns nor any other person for us in our name shall ever hereafter claim any right title Interest of or in the Sd. Estate of the Sd. Daniel Smith we having Received a portion of property in the life time of Sd. Daniel we suppose to the amounts of between 800 & 1000 Dollars each which we consider as our share & which we are willing to take & do take as full satisfaction of Sd. estate in Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals this 22 of June 1822.
Test Benjamin J. Dinkens                             Joseph Smith (Seal)
                                                                        Daniel Smith (Seal)
                                                                        Samuel Smith (Seal)
                                                                        John D. Smith (Seal)
                                                                        Jane Glover (Seal)
                                                                        Hannah Reaves (Seal)
                                                                        H. H. Glover (Seal)
                                                                        Wm. Reaves (Seal)

Receipt 2 negro Girls which had been named in the lifetime of Sd. Daniel to Jane Glover & Hannah Reeves & delivered this day above written before the assigns of the above Relinquishment in payments of the above witnesses

We whose names are here unto annexed being the lawful heirs of Daniel Smith Decd but not full age at the time the above relinquishment was signed by the other legatees do now live (?) of full age agree to Each & every part of the above relinquishment the Sd. Elizabeth Smith our Mother our part of property mentioned the sum to be proper are & against every claim person or and heirs witness our hands our hands (sic) & seal this 25 day April 1836.
Test Alex H. Dickens                         A. J. Bowden                    J. P. Smith
                                                            Elizabeth Bowden           Benjamin R. Smith

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