Fleming Co., KY 1830 Settlement - Heirs of Spencer Reeves

1830 Settlement - Spencer Reeves Heirs

Settlement - Spencer Reeves Heirs

Fleming County, Kentucky
Will Records Vol D p. 92
11 Jan 1830

January 11th 1830
Bill of Settlement with Noah G. Reaves Guardian of the infant heirs of Spencer reaves Deceased -

The amount of former Settlement
in the hands of the guardian was
Interest of the whole up to this date                   23.99½

Amount of rents is as follows
March 1828 Susanah receives Lot         87½         0.87½
Marth(a) receives Lot     89         0.89
Susannah Receives Lot 1.50         1.50
Martha receives Do 1.50         1.50

Cr. By Sundries furnished the heirs
& for services rendered
in receiving and paying out
for the ordered recording     1.00        
for commissioners     2.00½        
        34.00½$ 34.00½

We Certify of af ater (sic after?) Settlement that there is a balance in the hands of Noah Reeves in favour of the infant heirs of Spencer Reeves Deceased

                                                                        James Markwell
                                                                        Benjamin Northcott

At a court held for Fleming County on the 4th Aprl 1830 This Settlement of the estate of Spencer reaves Deceased was produced in court examined confirmed & ordered to be recorded which is done ~                                     Att.          Josh. Stockton Clk

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