Newton Co., GA - 1831 Thompson & Burgess Reeves in Mewborn Estate

1831 Thompson & Burgess Reeves in Mewborn Estate

Thompson & Burgess Reeves in Mewborn Estate 1831-1833

Thompson Reeves certified the appraisal of the estate of Thomas Mewborn, 1831. Both Thompson and Burgess Reeves made purchases from the estate.

We do certify upon oath that as far as was produced to us by the Administrator the above and foregoing contains a true appraisement of the goods Chattels and Credits of the estate of Thomas Mewborn deceased to the best of our Judgment and understanding.

            Nular (X) Welch
            Elijah (X) Ragsdale       Appraisers
            William (X ) Owens

I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were sworn to perform their duty as appraisers according to law this the tenth day of March One thousand eight hundred & thirty one.

            Thompson Reeves J. P.

Registered September 19th 1831
L. Hopkins Clk, C. C. O.

An inventory of the personal property of Thomas Mewborn deceased sold at publick sale on the sixth of May One thousand eight hundred and thirty one on a credit until the twenty fifth day of December 1831.

Note: Sale items, dollar amounts and duplicate names omitted.

Elizabeth Mewborn        Lemuel H. Pewett
B. W. Haygood                Allen Robets
John M. Cogin                 Nimrod Argo
Ira Camp                          Thompson Reeves (box of screws, bell)
William Hendley            Burgis Reeves (hand saw)
Joel Chandler                 T. Reeves (lock)
David W. Miller             Richard H. Leverett
William Henry               Henry Cambron
Polley Haygood             Allen Roberts
Thomas Bell                   George A. Gordin
William Camp               Richard Posey
William Henry Jr.         John P. Carrh?
Blake Bartlett                 Aaron Haygood

            Aaron Haygood admr
            Elizabeth Mewborn Adminrx

Returned September 19th 1831
L. Hopkins Clk C.C.O.

Accounting of the Estate of Thomas Mewborn


To Aaron Haygoods, Admr Dr.

            * * * * *

1832 July 2 To Acct paid Thompson Reeves J. P. on a Judgment in a Justices Court in favor of James Morris vs. The Admr of Thos. Mewborn.         $12.43¾

            * * * * *

1832 Decr 4 To Acct paid Thompson Reeves not of hands        $31.596¼

            * * * * *

Recorded 5th March 1833
L. Hopkins, Clk, C. O.


Inventories & Appraisements, Annual Returns & Vouchers, Sales Bills, Book 2, 1827-1837, Newton County, Georgia, Court of Ordinary, pp. 244-245; 356.
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