Reeves, Burgess (1794 SC - c1870 AL)


Reeves, Burgess


Father: Probably John Reeves
Mother: Probably Sarah MNU

Birth: 1794 Pendleton District, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census Records

Death: before 1870, Sharon High Pine, Chambers County, Alabama
Death Source:

Spouse1: Elizabeth Tanner, b. 1799, Married 20 Jul 1815 in Jackson County, Georgia


Children of Burgess Reeves and Elizabeth Tanner:
  1. Archibald T. Reeves, b. c1820 Gwinnett or Walton County, Georgia
  2. Unknown Female Reeves, b. bet. 1817-1820, d. 1820-1830 Gwinnett County, Georgia
  3. Sarah Reeves, b. 1820, d.1853 Georgia, m. Reuben Estes
  4. John Reeves b. c1824, d. before 1840
  5. Seborn Reeves, b. c1826, d. c1865 in Civil War
  6. William Reeves, b. c1828 in DeKalb, GA d. c1865 Civil War
  7. Burgess Reeves, b. 27 Jan 1830 in DeKalb County, GA, d. 23 Nov 1914 in Dawson, Texas
  8. Thompson Reeves, b. 1832 DeKalb County, GA, d. 1918 in Texas
  9. Margaret Reeves, b. 1834 DeKalb County, GA
  10. Jesse Cleveland Reeves, b. 1836 DeKalb County GA, d. 19 Sep 1893
  11. Loftin Marion Reeves, b. 4 Mar 1838 DeKalb County, GA, d. 2 Apr 1922 Smyrna GA
  12. Winford Reeves, b. 1839 DeKalb County, GA, d. c1865 in Civil War
  13. Jane Reeves, b. 1841 DeKalb County, GA
  14. James Knox Polk Reeves, b. 1844 c. c1865 in Civil War
Burgess Reeves is often listed as a child of Burgess Reeves; however, Burgess' Will of 6 Mar 1811 does not name a son Burgess. John Reeves with wife Sarah, who was living in Pendleton District of South Carolina at the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th along with Burgess Reeves is most likely his father. The 1790 census of Pendleton County, South Carolina records John Reeves with 1 male over 16, 5 males under 16 and 4 females.

Again in Pendleton County, the census of 1800 lists John Reeves' household as: Males - 4 under 10; 2 10-15; 2 16-25; 1 over 45 (total of 8 sons); Females - 1 under 10; 1 10-15; 1 16-25; 1 26-44.

John Reeves's wife is identified as Sarah in a Pendleton SC deed of 1804 which she signed relinquishing her dower right to land being sold by John Reeves to Benjamin Fuller.

The family bible of Frederick Reeves who appears to be the brother of Burgess lists his father as John and mother as Sarah. A transcription of that bible is attached to Frederick Reeves page.

Burgess and Andrew Boyd who married Fanny Reeves in 1811 were granted letters of administration in Jackson County, Georgia for the estate of John Reeves on 7 Sep 1818.

By the 1820 census in Gwinnett County, Georgia, eight Reeves male individuals are found - John Reeves, 26-44; Frederick Reeves, 26-44; Jonathan Reeves, 26-44; Loftin Reeves, 26-44; Malachi Reeves, 26-44; Isaac Reeves, 16-25; Burgess Reeves, 16-25; and Thompson Reeves, 16-25. After 1850 when census records include place of birth, the older of these individuals list their birth place as North Carolina while the younger list South Carolina.

The DNA of Burgess and his apparent siblings, i.e. Loftin, Thompson, etc. although closely matching that of the descendants of William Reeves who died in Granville, North Carolina in 1751 has one unique match. The individuals believed to descend from John Reeves share a matching result on one allele "CDY b" (35) where other DNA Group 3 participants descending from William Reeves do not match them.

Burgess Reeves was issued a land warrant for his service as a private in Captain Gillespie's Company of the Georgia Militia during the War of 1812. Burgess assigned that warrant to Rhodolphus Hicks who was issued Warrant #25511 on 7 Sep 1858 for 80 acres in Minnesota.

The following DeKalb Sheriff Sales pertain to property of Burgess Reeves:
  • Will be sold before the court house door in the town of Decatur, DeKalb county, on the first Tuesday in July next between the legal hours of sale the following property, to wit: (T)he lot of Land whereon Burgess Reeves now lives, in the 16th district of DeKalb County, as the property of said Reeves...to satisfy a fi fa issued from Newton Inferior Court in favor of Richard L. Sims, vs. Daniel Robins, Burges Reeves, David Argo, Jackson Argo, Tubal C. Corley, and Morelevale Corley, DeKalb County, June 1840.
  • On the first Tuesday in September next, will be held fore the court house door in the town off Decatur, DeKalb county, between the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit: The lot of land whereon Burgess Reeves lived in the year 1839, number not known, adjoining the land of Marhet Kilgore and others; levied on as the property of said Burgess Reeves to satisfy four fi fas issued from justices court of the 563rd district, G. M. one in favor of William D. Conyers vs. Burgess Reeves and Daniel Robins; three in favor of William D. Conyers vs Burgess Reeves and David Argo; property pointed out by Levi Richardson, plaintiff's agent - levied on and returned to me by a constable. DeKalb County, August 1840.

Although several of Burgess's sons were shown in the Rockdale area in 1860, Burgess and Elizabeth were enumerated in Roanoke District, HH 685. He was 65, SC, and Elizabeth was 61, GA. Winford, Margaret Jane, James K. P., and Thompson Reeves were shown, as well as three Estes grandchildren. Son Burgess Reeves was enumerated in HH 686.

From Tommie Reeves Smith records: Each son of Burgess and Elizabeth Reeves served in the Civil War and six lost their lives.
Several of the descendants of Burgess Reeves have participated in the Reeves DNA Project. The results place them in DNA Group #3.


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