Reeves, John (1790 NC - c1840 GA)


Reeves, John


Father: John Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Sarah MNU

Birth: c1790, probably North Carolina
Birth Source: Census

Death: after 1840, possibly DeKalb County, Georgia
Death Source: Last known record was in 1840 Census



John Reeves is undoubtably the John Reeves, Jr. who witnessed a Pendleton SC deed between William Jackson and John McFall along with John Reeves, Sr. in May of 1800.

John Reeves, Sr. is recorded in the 1790 census of Pendleton County, South Carolina with 1 male over 16, 5 males under 16 and 4 females.

Again in the Pendleton County census of 1800 John Reeves' household is listed as - Males: 4 under 10; 2 10-15; 2 16-25; 1 over 45 (total of 8 sons) and Females: 1 under 10; 1 10-15; 1 16-25; 1 26-44.

John Reeves, Sr.'s wife is identified as Sarah in a Pendleton SC deed of 1804 which she signed relinquishing her dower right to land being sold by John Reeves to Benjamin Fuller.

By the 1820 census in Gwinnett County, Georgia, eight Reeves male individuals are found - John Reeves, 26-44; Frederick Reeves, 26-44; Jonathan Reeves, 26-44; Loftin Reeves, 26-44; Malachi Reeves, 26-44; Isaac Reeves, 16-25; Burgess Reeves, 16-25; and Thompson Reeves, 16-25. After 1850 when census records include place of birth, the older of these individuals list their birth place as North Carolina while the younger list South Carolina.

The family bible of Frederick Reeves lists his father as John and mother as Sarah. A transcription of that bible is attached to Frederick Reeves.

John Reeves is listed (as Reaves) in the 1820 Gwinnett County, Georgia census with the following household:
Males 3 0-10, 1 10-15, 1 16-25, 1 26-44
Females 2 0-10, 1 26-44
He is listed on the same page of the census with Jonathan and Burgess Reeves.

John Reeves of Walton County, Ellison's District, drew land lot 262, District 18 (Brownings District in eastern DeKalb and includes Stone Mountain), in what became DeKalb County as part of the Land Lottery of 1821. The date of his grant is November 5, 1827.

The following may pertain to a son, John, since the estimated age based upon census of John Reeves would be approximately 60 years old by the time of the Creek Wars:
  • During the Creek Wars, on the 24th of May, 1836 at an election held in Lawrenceville, the following officers were elected to command the company of mounted infantry raised by volunteering in the 45th Regiment of Georgia Militia - Hamilton Garmany was elected Captain; John N. Reeves, First Lieutenant; Henry P. Thomas, Second Lieutenant, and Isaac S. Lacy, Ensign.
  • During the Creek War, a John Reeves served in Captain Allen's Company of the Georgia Militia for which he received a land warrant which he assigned to Thomas D. Ransom. Warrant No. 83.679 was issued to Thomas D. Ransom for 121 98/100 acres in Missouri on 15 Jun 1860.

On 16 Dec 1840, listed as John Reeves of Johnson's District, DeKalb County, he drew lot 413-15-1 in Cherokee County in the 1833 Land Lottery.

He is listed in the 1830 and 1840 census in DeKalb County. On 17 Jul 1843, a John Reeves described as of Cobb County who may be his son, sold Lot 66, 16th District, (formerly Henry, now DeKalb County), consisting of 140 acres, to James Phillips of DeKalb.

John Reeves has not been located after the 1840 census of DeKalb County.


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