Wake Co., NC Deed - John Reeves to Tharp

1832 Deed - John Reeves to Tharp

Deed - John Reeves to William A. Tharp

Wake County, North Carolina
Deed Book 15, Pg 139
Written 2nd Apr 1832
Recorded 11 July 1842


John                          §     This Indenture made and entered into this the 2nd day of
            to                   §     April A.D. 1832 between John Reavis (sic Reeves) of the
William A. Tharp   §     Territory of Arkansas of the one part and William A. Tharp
of the County of Henry and State of Tennessee of the other part Witnesseth - for & in consideration of the Sum of One Hundred dollars to the said Reavis (sic Reeves) in hand paid by William A. Tharpe the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged has bargained & Sold & does by these presents bargain sell alien & confirm to the said William A. Tharpe his entire Interest in the real Estate of Major Holloway decd & his entire interest in the personal Estate of Sarah Holloway deceased & also his interest in the real estate of his Father John Reavis (sic Reeves) deceased & all monies as well as personal Estate in the hands of his Guardian, James Holloway of the (sic county?) of Wake & State of N. Carolina. The said John Reavis (sic Reeves) aforesaid obliges himself to warrant & forever defend a just & legal Title to all the aforesaid Interests in the several estates aforesaid to the said William A. Tharpe & his heirs forever against the claim of himself & all claiming under him, as well as every other person whatsoever - Witness his hand & Seal the day & date above written.

                                                                                                          John Reavis (sic Reeves) (Seal)
                                                                                            acknd                     by
                                                                                                          Solomon Williams Attorney

This day personally appeared before me Solomon Williams attorney in fact for John Reavis (sic Reeves) and acknowledged the within Deed of conveyance, to William A. Tharp to be his act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned.
          Given under my hand & Seal this 2nd day of April 1832.

Bolivar Hardeman Cty Wm. R. Furby (sic?) (Seal)
State of Tennessee one of the Judges of the Circuit
                                                                                                          Courts for the State of Tennessee
                                                                                                          Presiding in the 10th Circuit -

State of Tennessee   §
Hardeman County   §     April Term 1832
          I Thomas J. Hardeman Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County & State aforesaid do Certify that the within Deed of conveyance was produced in open Court at said Term, and duly acknowledged by Solomon Williams Jr. attorney in fact for John John Reavis (sic Reeves) to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained and the same was ordered to be certified for Registration.
                              In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my (County Seal) Seal of Office this 2nd day of April 1832. -
                                                                                                          Thos. J. Hardeman, Clerk

State of Tennessee   §     I William Polk, Presiding Magistrate, for the Court of
Hardeman County   §     Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County aforesaid
do hereby Certify that Thomas J. Hardeman is Clerk of said Court and that due faith and credit is due to his official acts as such for want of a Seal of Office Thereunto annex my private Seal. Given under my hand & Seal this 2nd day of April 1832.                     Will. Polk, Chr. (Seal)

State of Tennessee   §     Registers Office April 5th 1832.
Henry County           §     The within Deed of conveyance from John Reavis (sic Reeves) by his attorney in fact Solomon William to William A. Tharpe and foregoing certificates are duly registered in my office in Book D, page 45.
                                                                                                          James Super (sic?) Regr by
                                                                                                          R. E. Brown D. Regr.

State of North Carolina   §
Wake County                     §     May Term 1842
                    It appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court That foregoing was duly certified it is thereford ordered to be Registered.
                                                                                                          . T. Marriott Clk.

Registered in the Registers Office of Wake County in Book No. 15 and page 139 the 11th day of July A.D. 1842 -                     Richard Smith, Regr.


Wake County, NC Deed Book 15, Pg 139 document scan online at Family Search.

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