Reeves, John (c1777 NC - 1824 NC)

John Reeves

Reeves, John


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Anne

Birth: c 1777, Wake County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Deed by Heirs of William Reeves and age approximate from 1800 U.S. Federal Census for Hillsborough, Wake, North Carolina

Death: 1824, Wake County, North Carolina
Death Source: Deed to Heirs of John Reeves Wake County NC Will Book 21 at page 228, Estate probated 1825

Spouse1: Elizabeth Holloway "Betsy", 26 Nov 1799, Orange County, NC
Spouse2: Deborah Roycroft "Debby", 15 Nov 1820, Wake County, NC


Children of John Reeves and Elizabeth "Betsy" Holloway:
  1. Susannah Reeves
  2. James Reeves
  3. John Reeves
  4. Mary Reeves "Polly"
  5. Sarah Reeves "Salley"
  6. Elizabeth Reeves
  7. Jefferson Reeves
  8. Martha Ann Reeves
  9. Nancy Caroline Reeves
John Reeves is the only one of the sons of William Reeves who remained in Wake County, North Carolina after his brothers Peter and Charles moved into Halifax, Virginia and his father, along with brothers William, Jr., George and Jeremiah, migrated to Kentucky.

When Betsy's father, Major Holloway, died in 1804, John Reeves was one of the securities for her mother, Sarah Patterson Holloway, as administrator of his estate per the Wake County Court Minutes 1804-1807, Book VI:
  • May Term 1804 - Administration on the estate of Major Holloway decsd. Granted to Sarah Holloway Widow &c who enters into bond in the sum of Three thousand pounds with William Ferrell and John Reves her Security and at the same time qualified agreeably to Law.
John's wife Betsy Holloway Reeves had died sometime before November of 1820 when he married Deborah Roycroft.

When his father, William Reeves died in 1821, John filed a Power of Attorney in Wake County giving his nephew Jesse B. Geer authority to act on his behalf in regard to the probate of his father's estate. That POA is filed in both Wake County, North Carolina and in Madison County, Kentucky.

Four years later in 1824, John Reeves also died leaving nine children, seven of whom were still minors - James, John, Salley, Elizabeth, Jefferson, Caroline and Martha. Betsy Holloway Reeves' brother James Holloway was appointed guardian of the minor children. See Wake County WB 20, Page 169.

There is a deed to heirs in Will Book 21 at page 228 of the Wake County probate records dividing the land of John Reeves among all nine of his children and setting aside 70 acres for a dower to his widow, Debby Reeves.

After John Reeves death in 1824, his widow, Debby, married Wake County neighbor Thomas Humphries in 1826. There is a deed dated 17 November 1828 in Wake County Deed Book 9 at page 140 wherein the Sheriff of Wake County, William R. Hinton, conveyed to Ambrose Phipps, the 70 acres that had been set aside for Debby Reeves' dower. The deed states that the sheriff had seized this tract to be sold in payment of Thomas Humphries debts.


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