1834 Deed - Absolom Reeves - J G Reeves

1834 Deed - Absolom Reeves to John G Reeves

1834 Deed - Absolom Reeves - J G Reeves

Calloway County, Kentucky
16 Oct 1834
Deed Book B p181


This Indenture made this 16th day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty four between Absalom Reeves of the State of Kentucky, Calloway County of the one part; and John G Reeves of the State and County aforesaid, Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty five and one half dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have bargained, sold, aliened and conveyed, and by these presents do bargain, sell, alein and convey to the said John G Reeves a portion of the North West quarter of Section thirty one Township Six north, Range four east, beginning at a Stake four and a half poles north of the South West corner of the quarter aforesaid (a post oak) thence north 155 & an half poles to the north West corner of said quarter, thence West 160 poles to the north east Corner of the same, thence South One hundred and fifty five and an half poles to the north east corner of Coleman Nichols land thence west one hundred and sixty poles to the place of beginning containing by estimation one hundred and fifty ? ares conveyed to me by Hugh McRacken together with all the right, title, interest, claim on demand of myself on my heirs of, in, to or out of the same, and I do bind myself and my heirs to warrant against all person or persons, claim or claims whatsoever the said Absalom Reeves, and Elizabeth his wife, doth warrant and forever and forever defend.
In testimony We have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals, the date first above written
Signed sealed and deliveredAbsalom Reeves (LS)
in the presence of
Test Evin H Poe
Test Robert A O Morgan

State of Kentucky       }
Calloway County        } I Edmund H Curd clerk of the County Court for said County do certify
that this deed from Absalom and Elizabeth his wife to John G Reaves was acknowledged by said Absalom Reeves to be his act and deed, which acknowledgment was taken by Jeremiah C Wickins late clerk of this court and lodged for record in this office on the 25th day of May 1835 as appears by the certificate of said Wickins clk as afd endorsed thereon with whose hand writing I am well acquainted. Whereupon said deed together with the foregoing certificate hath been duly admitted to record in my office. Given under my hand this 24th day of March 1836
E H Curd


Calloway County, Kentucky Deed Book B p. 181