Newton Co., GA - 1834, Jonathan Reeves, Appraiser Lazenby Estate

1834 Jonathan Reeves, Appr. Lazenby Estate

Jonathan Reeves - Appraiser, Estate of Samuel Lazenby

Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Samuel Lazenby, November 13, 1834
We do certify upon oath that as far as was produced to us by the Executors and Executrix, the above and foregoing contains a true appraisement of the goods Chattels and Credits of the Estate of Samuel Lazenby deceased to the best of our judgment and understanding.

13th Nov. 1834

John Roquemore
Jonathan Reeves
Elisha Trimble
Josiah Perry

I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were sworn to perform their duty as appraisers according to law This 13th Nov’r 1834.

John Franklin J. P.

Registered 9th January 1835
Lambeth Hopkins
Clk. C. O.


Inventories & Appraisements, Annual Returns & Vouchers, Sales Bills, Book 2, 1827-1837, Newton County, Georgia, Court of Ordinary, pp. 409-410.

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