1835 Estate Sale of John Reaves

1835 Estate Sale-John Reaves

Inventory and Sale - Estate of John Reaves, Sr.

Wayne County, North Carolina
Record Book Vol. 7 1834 - 1840
Contains Wills, Inventories & Settlements of Estates


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The Conditions of Selling the property belonging to the Estate of John Reaves dec'd is as follows (to wit) a credit of nine months is Given The purchaser to give note with approved Security before the property is removed & also if any person should fails to give Such Security as is required the property will be Sold again the first purchaser making Good the deficiency if any Jany 10th 1835

1 Saddle & bridleToJonas Reaves2.00
1 Side leatherToJoshua Taylor1.62½
1 do doToGravis B. Britt1.40
1 do doToJames Wood.75
1 _ToRobt McKinne.50
5 Bar. Salt @ 86 ctToJames Evritt4.30
1 Bar Rice @57ctToThomas Bennet1.00
10 head fat hogsToDavid & Robt A. Reaves50.00
12 do doToEvritt Joiner4.95
11 do doToJesse Dunning80.30
11 do doToJoel Griffes70.00
11 do Stock doToJames Wood23.50
10 do do doToThos. Holmes28.00
11 do do doToLewis D. Stevens25.00
11 do do doToJames Everitt34.05
2 Sow & pigsToDavid & Robt A. Reaves10.00
1 do doToDixon Grantham7.00
1 lot Stock HogsToHenry C. Crawford17.05
5 Head CattleToAsher Reaves20.00
5 do doToJames Reaves20.40
5 do doToIrvin King25.20
5 do doToJonas Reaves24.30
8 do doTodo do24.05

The Conditions of the Second Sale is as follows a credit of nine months is given

1 lot CasksToFrederick Grantham.30
3 Panel"James Evritt.30
3 do"do do.30
4 do"E'd Reaves.90
1 lot Baskets"James Evritt.10
1 do do"Alfred King1.25
5 Bus. Peas @ 7?"L. P. Britt3.75
4 do do @2?"David & Robt A. Reaves1.00
2 do do @7/6"Wm. G. Alford1.50
1 Basket & peas"L. B. Britt.27½
5 Bus. Oats @ 6/3"James Evritt3.12½
10 ½ do do @ ?"do do4.87½
1 lot Corks"Widow.10
2 Grind Stones"do.20
1 Bar Iron"Ezekiel Smith3.35
1 do do"Alfred King2.05
1 do do"do do2.38
1 Saddle"James Wood1.25
1 Hunting Saddle"Widow.10
All the nails & shoe tools do5
1 Basket & Contents do.5
1 Horse"John Reaves97.00
1 do"Saml Rayner76.00
1 do"Needham Parker50.70
1 Colt"Widow5.00
13 head Sheep @?"Gaston Britt9.75
10 do Geese @?"Alfred King4.00
10 do do @?"Robt Cox4.60
10 do do 4/6""Gaston Britt4.50
2000 Blade fodder @?"David & Robt A. Reaves5.00
1000 do do @?"Wm. H. Stevens7.80
1000 do do @?"Chalkly Grantham7.90
1 Stack fodder"Robt McKinnie.30
1 do do"Wm. Robins.47
1 ox Yoke"E'd Reaves.5
1 do do"Joshua Craddock.10
1 piece Steel"E'd Reaves.15
1 lot plunder"Widow.10
1 do do"do.5
1 hand mill"do.10
13 do do @4/"Alfred King5.20
2 raw hides"Irvin King2.45
2 do do"do do2.05
2 do do"Lewis D. Stevens3.00
1 do do"do do2.00
2 do do"Widow1.00
1 Scythe"do.25
1 do"Lewis D Stevens.10
1 do"Jos. Sasser.20
1 Cradle"Lewis D. Stevens.3
5 Bunch Corn @?"David & Robt A. Reaves10.00
5 do do @?"David & Robt A. Reaves10.00
5 do do @?"David & Robt A. Reaves10.00
5 do do @?"David & Robt A. Reaves10.00
5 do do @?"Micajah Cox19.25
5 do do @?"Lewis D. Stevens19.75
5 do do @?"Lewis D. Stevens20.00
5 do do @?"James Holmes19.90
5 do do @?"Cullen Strickland20.00
5 do do @?"Daniel Millender20.00
5 do do @?"Henry C. Crawford20.00
5 do do @?"J_ Worrick20.00
5 do do @?"William H. Bass20.05
4 Bus do @?"J. P. Britt3.16
all the off Corn@?"Henry C. Crawford9.50
1 Gun & ammunition David Reaves1.60
1 Box Tools E'd Reaves1.05
1 Trunk & Shaving instruments do do.50
1 Cart John Reaves8.25
1 pr Saddle bags"E'd Reaves.15
1 lot "do.11
1 Stack top fodder"Wm. Robbins.30
1 do do do"do do.16
2 do do do"Leonard Grantham.20
1 do do do"Sol'o Pope.30
1 lot pea hulls"David Reaves.25
2 Stacks top fodder"Chalkly Grantham.20
2 do do do"Wm. Robins1.14
1 lot iron"Widow.10
Whole Amt $148.78

May Co. 1835


The Subscribers having during the present Feby Term of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Wayne qualified as Executor of the last will & testament of John Reaves dec'd hereby Gives Notice to all persons having claims against Said dec'd to present them for payment within the time prescribed by laws or they will be barred of recovery & all persons in debted to Said _ are requested to make payment immediately Feby 16th 1835

                                    Edmond Reaves Exo'r

I hereby Certify that I saw a True Copy of the within advertisement Stuck up at the Court House door in Waynesboro on the 17th or 18th day of Feby 1835 another Copy at Whitfields Store on the 18th or 19th of February 1835 another Copy at Smiths Mills during the fourth week of Feby 1835 & another copy at Richard Cogdells during egh fourth week of Feby 1835 and that I also saw a copy of the same Stuck up at the Curt House door during the week of April Superior Curt 1835 Sworn to before me this 18th day of May 1835

                                  Irwin King


Wayne County NC, Will, I&S Record Book Vol. 7 1834 - 1840, scanned on line at https://www.familysearch.org/