1837 Estate of Robert A. Reaves

Estate of Robert A. Reaves

Wayne County, North Carolina
Record Book
Vol. 7
1834 - 1840
Contains Wills, Inventories & Settlements of Estates

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An Inventory of Notes left by Robert A. Reaves dec'd 16th June 1837

1 Note on Kinchin Britt Cullen Pipkin & J. P. Britt for $45.30 due 10th Jany 1837
1 do on Kinchen Britt Jesse Worrick & J. P. Britt principal $48.54 due 10th Jany 1837
1 do on James Evritt I& Solomon Pope principal $302. Due 15th Feby 1836
1 do on James Evritt & Solomon Pope principal 80.25 due 10th Jany 1837
1 do on James Evritt & Solomon Pope principal 90.00 due 10th Jany 1837
1 do on Harris Joiner Francis Joiner & Wm. H. Stevens 17.78 due 10th Jany 1837
1 do on John West & Willis Hall principal 35.60 due 10th Jany 1837

Cash in hand $35
Augt Co. 1837

Inventory of Property of Robert A. Reaves dec'd
3 Head horses 11 Hogs 2 Sows & pigs 2 Beds & furniture Saddle & Bridle 1 Gun, Crop Corn, 2 Barrels Corn
Augt Co. 1837

The Conditions of selling the property belonging to the Estate of Robert A. Reaves dec'd is a follows (to wit) a Credit of Six months is Given the purchaser to give note with approved Security before the property is removed & also if any person should fail to give Such Security as is required the first purchaser making good deficiency if any June 17th 1837. Edmund Reaves admr.

1 fillyTo William Reaves49.00
1 Horse ColtTo David Reaves29.00
1 MareTo do do55.00
1 Shot GunTo Jonas Reaves8.00
1 Saddle & BridleTo Joshua Craddock11.00
1 Bed & FurnitureTo Furney Langston15.00
1 do doTo Joshua Craddock18.00
2 Barrels CornTo Edmund Reaves8.50
1 lot HogsTo Micajah Cox50.30
Crop CornTo David Reaves35.00
Augt Co. 1837               Edmund Reaves admr.

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In Obedience to an Order of the Court of Wayne County May Term 1837 appointing me Commissioner to Sell the Slaves belonging to the Estate of Robert Reaves de'd after giving thirty days Notice as directed by Said Order I did on the 17th day of June 1837 offer the aforesaid Slaves at Public Auction and Sold them to the following person as the last and highest bidders

SamTo William Reaves$660.
GinneyTo Joshua Craddock556.25
AaronTo Jonas Reaves415.25
Candis & ElizaTo Solomon Pope652.00
Mid & GeorgeTo Jonas Reaves680.25

All of which I Respectfully Submit to your worships at August Term 1837

Willis Hall Com'r
Augt Co. 1837

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A Statement of the property of Robert A. Reaves in the hands of Edmund Reaves Administrator Settlement made 23rd of November 1837

1 Note Kinchin Britt, Cullin Pipkin J. P. Britt worth 53.54
1 Note Kinchin Britt, Jesse Worrick, J P. Britt worth 54.09
1 Note James Everitt& Solomon Pope worth 355.04
1 do do worth 94.85
1 do do worth106.30
1 Note on Harris Joiner F. Joiner William H. Stevens worth 18.67
1 Note on John West & Willis Hale worth 37.51

Sale of Negroes
1 Note on Wm. Reaves worth 696.96
1 Note on Joshua Craddick worth 587.39
1 Note on Jonas Reaves worth 438.50
1 Note on Solomon Reaves worth 718.34

Parishable Propety Sold by Adr
1 Note on William Reaves worth 51.73
1 Note on David Reaves worth 30.61
1 Note on do do worth 58.07
1 Note on Jonas Reaves worth 8.44
1 Note on Joshua Cradick worth 10.56
1 Note on Funifold Langston worth 15.83
1 Note on Joshua Cradicks worth 19.01
1 Note on E Robert A. Reaves worth 8.96
1 Note on Micajah Cox worth 53.11
1 Note on Davidworth 36.95

Account of Vouchers against the Estate
1 amount paid Henry M. Jetter to the amount 6.82
2 Levi French account to the amount 1.56
3 Everitts & Jernigans account to the amount 2.51
4 Edmond Reaves account to the amount 5.50
5 do do to the amount 2.59
6 William Thompsons account 8.75
7 Willis Hall Receipt 6.00
8 Willis Hall rec'd for commissions $60.00
9 Davidreceipt for an overbalance paid to the administrator of Robert A. Reaves in a division of notes from their guardian $21.70

In Obedience to an Order of Court to us directed at November Court 1838 we have proceeded to settle the Estate of Robert A. Reaves and find in the hands of the Admr Edmond Reaves after allowing all lawful vouchers & commissions the sum of Four thousand & twenty five dollars and nineteen cents $4025.19 cts this the 23rd of November 1838

Silas Cox
Landes P. Cox
S. Pope

The amount of the estate is $4025.19 after allowing all the vouchers and commissions.
Feby Co. 1839