1841 Will - Caleb Reeves

1841 Will - Caleb Reeves

1841 Will - Caleb Reeves


Ohio County, (West) Virginia
Will Book 3, p214
26 Apr 1841 (includes previous from 6 Jun 1840)


I Caleb Reeves of Ohio County do make this my last Will and Testament
First I direct all my debts to be paid out of my estate and especially all the expense attending my present sickness.
Next after paying off the legacis given by my in a former will to the children of William Boggs which I hereby confirm I direct that the balance of my property both real and personal shall be given to my nephew Micajah Reeves of the City of Philadelphia for the following p...
First the whole intrest of the said estate shall be applied to the maintenance and support of my sister Nancy during her natural life - after her death I will and bequeath the whole of my said estate to my said nephew Micajah: And not proving the situation of my relatives and having the greatest confidence in him, I drect that he will apply & appropriate such portions of it to them as he may think right and proper
And I do hereby drect that my estate be given & paid over to the said Micajah to be applied by him as before directed during the life of my sister Nancy and afterwards to be held and enjoyed by himself.
And I do hereby constitute and appoint Jacob Kiger and William Boggs of Ohio County to be the executors of this my Last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this 26 April 1841
Caleb (his x mark) Reeves
Signed and published in Our }
presence and who have subscribed }
the same in the presence ad at }
the request of the testator }
Wm McConnell
Landon Whorton
William Allen Jr

I Caleb Reeves of Ohio County do will and bequeath the sum of one hundred dollars to Bethan Boggs & one hundred dollars to Cochrum Boggs and one hundred dollars to Mary Jane & one hundred dollars to William & one hudred dollars to David and one hundred dollars to Sarah Boggs the children of William Boggs of Ohio County the same to be paid out of the interest on a debt due to me from the overseer of the poor for Ohio County which debt is to be paid by them five years after my death and I do hereby appoint their father Wm Boggs their Guardian to receive and take care of said legacies for said children In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 6 June 1840.
Caleb Reeve
Signed and published in my
presence who witnessed the same
in the presence of the testator
at his request Wm McConnell

Ohio County Court June Term 1841
The last will and testament of Caleb Reeves deceased was proved by the oath of William McConnell a witness thereto as to the personality contained in said will and as to so much is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Jacob Kiger one of the executors named in said will Wm Boggs the other executor therein named having renounced his executorship here in Court who made oath thereto, and together with William Bogg his security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Five Thousand Dollars conditioned as the law direct certificate is granted him of attaining a probate of said will in due form as to the personality therein contained liberty being reserved to the executor to obtain probate of said will hereafter as to the nality contained therein.
Copy Test Jno McCollock Clk


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