1843 Bond - Tarlton J. Reaves to Alexander S. Reaves

1843 Bond - Tarlton J. Reaves to Alexander S. Reaves

1843 Bond - Tarlton J. Reaves to Alexander S. Reaves


Bedford County, Tennessee
Deed Book MM, p277
22 Mar 1843


Know all men by these presents that I Tarlton J Reaves of the County of Bedford & State of Tennessee am held and firmly bound unto Alexander S Reaves of the County and State aforesaid in the penal sum of eight hundred dollars; for the payment of which well and truly to be made. I hereby bind myself my heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents. Witness my hand & seal this 22nd day of March 1843.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said Tarlton J Reaves has this day agreed to sell to said Alexander S. the undivided eighth of a certain tract of land, situate in said County and State supposed to contain 128 acres, subject however to the life estate of Elizabeth Reaves, widow of Archibald Reaves decd, which said tract of land, is the same upon which said Archibald resided at the time of his death and was devised by him for which said undivided three eights, together with one undivided eighth which was devised to said Alexander S. and which he has since sold to said Tarlton J. but has made us conveyance for the same, the said Alexander S. has agreed to pay the said Tarlton J. four hundred and twenty five dollars for the same and has executed his note for that amount, due the 1st day of January 1847.
Now if upon the payment of said purchase money, the said Tarlton J. shall make to the said Alexander S or his assigns a good general warranted deed for said undevided three eights subject to the life estate aforesaid, and relinquish all claim to said undivided one eighth - then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
T. J. Reaves

State of Tennessee }
Bedford County } Personally appeared before me Robert Hurst clerk of the County Court of said County Tarlton J. Reaves the within named bargainor, with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within Title bond for the purchase therein contained.
Witness my hand at office this 22nd March 1843Robt Hurst clerk
Recd and noted March 23d 1843 at 3 Oclock PM
Registered March 23d 1843Andrew Vannoy Register


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