1846 Letters of Admin - John Reeves

Letters of Admin. - Estate of John Reeves

Anderson District, SC
26 Oct 1846
Letters Vol. 1, pg 251

State of South Carolina § Letters of Estate John Reeves
Anderson District           § decd
            By William Magee Esqr

Ordinary of Anderson District
To John A. Reeves
Whereas John Reeves late of Anderson District deceased lately died intestate having whilst and at the time of his death divers goods rights and credits within the district aforesaid by means whereof the full disposition and power of granting the granting the administration of all and singular the goods chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased and also auditing the accounts calculations and reconings (sic ?) of the said administration and a final dismissals (?) of the same to me as manifestly known to belong. I desiring that the goods rights and credits of the said deceased may be well and truly administered converted and desposed of do hereby grant unto the said John A. Reeves in whose fidelity in this particular I very much confide full power by the tenor (?) of these presents to administer on the goods chattels rights and credits of the said deceased which to him in his lifetime and at the time of his death did belong and to ask levy recover and receive the same and to pay the debts in which the deceased stood obliged so far forth as his good chattels rights and credits will extend according to this rate and order of Law, being first sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God to make a true and perfect inventory thereof, and to exhibit the same into the ordinary's office in Anderson district in order to be recorded on or before the first day of December now next insuing and to render a Just and true account calculation and richening (sic) of the said administration when thereunto required, and I ordain and constitute you the said John A. Reeves administrator of all and Singular the goods chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 26th day of October Anno Domini 1846 and in the 71st year of American Independence

Ordinarys Office            §             W. Magee (Seal)
Anderson C. House        §                        O. A. D.

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