Fleming Co., KY 1848 Settlement - Heirs of Noah Reeves

1848 Settlement - Heirs of Noah Reeves

Settlement by Guardian - Noah Reeves Heirs

Fleming County, Kentucky
Will Records Vol. H p. 454-455
26 Aug 1848

A Settlement of the accounts of George Reeves Guardian of Isaac Reeves, Mahala Reeves, Polly Reeves, Noah Reeves, Jane Reeves, John Reeves, and Parthena Reeves and Lucinda Reeves now Lucinda Henderson Heirs of Noah Reeves decd. made with the undersigned Commissioners of accounts for Fleming County the 26th August 1848.
          Guardian                                     Dr.
To amount in his hands as Admr on the 2d Feby 1841  §
          due to the aforesaid heirs                                                 §                      $104.00
“ Compound interest Biannually until Feby 2, 1845                                    26.45
          Amount in his hands up to the date Feby 2d, 1845                        $130.45
As the Administrator of Noah Reeves decd. who was Guardian of Silas Reeves infant of Spencer Reeves decd. the aforesaid George Reeves on the 27d. July 1845 compelled to pay to Isaac Reeves assignee of said Silas his portion as well as his interest the personal property of Elizabeth Reeves for who the aforesaid Noah Reeves was Guardian the sum of $37.14 The one eighth of which after taking out the widows third to be paid by her We allow him a credit for in the settlement as he had received the money on the 2 Feby 1841 as Guardian from himself as administrator and having it to pay as Administrator being $18.00 Taken from the above amount leaves $112.45 upon which we charge compound interest Biannually from 2d. Feby 1845 till this time will be $18.55 Added to the principal will be the sum of $131.00 ~ We have calculated the interest on the original sum of $104, Compounded till 2d. Feby 1845 at which time we give the Guardian credit for the sum paid as a debt from Noah Reeves estate though the same was not paid till 27 July 1845 as will be seen by references to the receipt marked No. 1 herewith filed. Thus it will be seen the Guardian is not charged with interest from 2 Feby. 1845 till July of same year but as the last period for which the interest is calculated and compounded is not quite two years we think it just to throw off the interest on the small sum of $18. It is reported that there is about 12 acres of land belonging to each heir in the farm of which said Noah died possessed about one half of which is cleared and only worth any thing for rent. The land had never been divided and the widow has never had her dower assigned. The widow was willing to keep and raise the children who were infants and keep a house for the family which she has done. The Guardian thought it best to permit her to do so And as it appears to us to have been best for them We charge him with no rent. We allow him for his services in managing the money
          Eight Dollars                                                                        $8.
          a little less than one per cent per year
          Commissioners fees                                                             3.
          Clerks for this                                                                         1.25
                                                                        Disbursements       12.23
taken from whole assets of $131.00 leaves for the said heirs One hundred and Eighteen dollars and Seventy five cents.
                                                                        E. F. Dulin
                                                                        T. Dudley
Received of George Reeves Guardian as aforesaid forty four dollars and fifty three cents the full amount found due to me as aforesaid and also the shares of Polly Ann Reeves and Noah Reeves for whom I am Guardian August 26, 1848.
                                                                        Isaac C. Reeves
At a court held for Fleming County on the 23th day of September 1848. This settlement with George Reeves Guardian of Isaac Reeves and others therein named was produced in Court examined and confirmed and ordered to be recorded which is duly done.
                                                          W. T. Dudley Clk.
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