1850 Deed - J. D. Johnson to Bethenia Reeves

1850 Deed - J. D. Johnson to Bethenia Reeves

1850 Deed - J D Johnson to Bethenia Reeves

Lancaster County SC
11 July 1850
Deed Book Q p24

J D Johnson         } Mortgage 2 Negroes
To                           }
Bethenia Reeves  }

South Carolina      }
Lancaster District } Know all men by these present that I Johnathan D. Johnson have this day bargained sold & delivered & do hereby in plain and open market grant bargain sell & deliver to Bethenia Reeves of said District the following Negroes viz. a crippled fellow named Ezekial about Twenty five years of age & a girl named Nora aged about Thirty years. Ezekial is in Camden hired to Workman & Boone, & Nora is in this District hired this year to P T Hammond - for & in consideration of the sum of One Thousand Dollars to me paid - whereas Mrs. Bethenia Reeves is one of my securitee to the Administration Bond of Glass G Caston decd Estate, & whereas James B Crockett a creditor of Glass G Caston has instituted suit on said Bond against myself & Mrs. Reeves, for a judgment recovered against me as a Admr. of Glass G Caston, Now if I the said Jonathan D. Johnson shall pay & satisfy said debt before execution against the said Bethenia Reeves, & shall save her (harmless?) as my said security on said Administration Bond so that she will not lose any money as my said security in any way on said Administration Bond then this Bill of Sale to be void otherwise to remain in full force & virtue Witness my hand & seal July 11th 1850
Signed Sealed & delivered                                       J. D. Johnson (seal)
in presence of
James H Witherspoon
P T Hammond

South Carolina      }
Lancaster District } Personally appeared before me James H. Witherspoon and makes oath that he saw J. D. Johnson sign seal and Deliver the within Mortgage for the use and purpose therein mentioned and that he with P T Hammond in the presents of each other Witnessed the Due Execution of the same
Sworn to Before me this
5th August 1850                                       James H. Witherspoon
H. RE. Price clk

Recorded the 4 August 1850 & Delivered to Bethena Reeves