Reeves, Bethenia nee Williams (c1805 SC - 1884 SC)


Reeves, Bethenia nee Williams


Father: David Williams
Mother: Elizabeth Reeves

Birth: 1805, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census

Death: 21 May or 3 June 1884, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Death Source: See Research Note 1.

Spouse1: James Reeves


Children of James Reeves, Sr. and Bethenia Williams:
  1. Elizabeth H. Reeves, b. 17 Jun 1825
  2. Malissa Caroline Reeves, 15 Nov 1827
  3. Mary Missouri Reeves, b. May 1831
  4. Dorcas A. Reeves, b. 7 May 1835
  5. Thomas Jefferson Reeves, b. 7 Dec 1837
  6. Amy Ella Reeves, b. 4 Aug 1840
  7. Charlotte Ann Bethenia Reeves, b. 31 Jul 1844

Bethena filed a Southern Claims Petition in January 1872 for $881.75 restitution for goods given to the US Army during the War. William Baskin, M C Blackmon and E H Blackmon were witnesses to the claim.

On 14 November 1844, Elisha and Bethena registered a Bill of Complaint in the Lancaster District Court of Equity. This turned into the equity case Elisha Reeves and Bethena Reeves vs Richardson et al.

Research Notes

(1) The date of 21 May 1884 is contained in the James A. Blackmon Family Bible. However, the Minutes Book (1881-1916) for Fork Hill Baptist Church, where many of the Reeves and Blackmons were members, states that she died 3 June 1884.


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