1851 Census ESS - Reeve, Sarah and household

Reeve, Sarah & household

1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1785, Folio 205 face


Living at Bocking End the Essex parish of Bocking, the household of Sarah Reeve ... ...

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel          Cond   Age  Occupation                       Where Born
Sarah Reeve          Head         Wid    64   Proprietor of Houses and Land    London, Middlesex
Elizabeth Reeve      Dau          Unm    34                                    Bocking, Essex
Sophia Reeve         Dau          Unm    30   Private Governess                Bocking, Essex
Martha Jealous       Serv.        Unm    20   House Servant                    Stebbing, Essex


The HoH Sarah Reeve is the widow of Joseph


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1785, Folio 205 face, Page 6, Schedule 23