1851 Census HAM - Reaves, Thomas

Reaves, Thomas + Jane & household

1851 Census - Piece 1664, Folio 116 reverse


Living at Dores Row, Ryde in the Parish of Newchurch on the Isle of Wight is the household of Thomas Reaves/Reeves

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel      Cond   Age  Occupation             Where Born
Thomas Reaves        Head     Mar     36   Labourer              Ryde, IoW
Jane Reaves          Wife     Mar     37                         Ryde, IoW
Frederic Reaves      Son      Unm     18   Baker                 Ryde, IoW
Charles Reaves       Son              15   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Mary Reaves          Dau              13   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Richard Reaves       Son              12   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Albert Reaves        Son               8   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Edward Reaves        Son               5   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Jane Reaves          Dau               2   Scholar               Ryde, IoW
Richard Cooper       Lodger   Unm     66   Blacksmith            Cowes(, IOW)
James Cooper         Lodger           41   Plasterer             Ryde, IoW


Whilst enumerated on this census with the surname of Reaves, this family group consistently appear as REEVES in many other records.

Jane Reeves maiden name was Cooper and James Cooper is her brother. Her relationship to the Richard Cooper present in this household is unconfirmed, but he may be her father.


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1664, Folio 116 reverse, Page 31
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