Reeves, Joseph + Susanna & household

Reeves, Joseph + Susanna & household

1851 Census - Piece 1669, Folio 407 face


Residing at 12 Chapel Street in the St Mary's area of Southampton, the household of Joseph Reeves ....

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                     Rel    Cond   Age  Occupation               Where Born
Joseph Reeves        Head   Mar    67   Cord Wainer Master       Westbury, Wilts
Susanna Reeves       Wife   Mar    66   Shoe Binder              North Bradley, Wilts
Albert Francis       Nephew         8   Scholar                  Shirley, Hants


Westbury and North Bradley are approximately four miles apart, in the north west corner of Wiltshire. Southampton is approximatley 55 miles to the south east of North Bradley.


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1669, Folio 407 face, Page 22
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