1851 Census HAM - Reeves, Moses

Reeves, Moses (servant)

1851 Census - Piece 1674, Folio 31 reverse


The George Hotel, at 68 High Street, Winchester, which was within the Parish of St Thomas, is enumerated against Schedule number 88, which runs across pages 21, 22 & 23, encompassing 47 persons, including on page 23 Moses Reeves ... ...

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel      Cond   Age  Occupation             Where Born
Moses Reeves         Serv     Unm     73   Post Boy              Kings Somborne, Hants


The schedule for the George Hotel seems to commence with its most important guests; Archibald Acheson (3rd) Earl of Gosford, his family and their servants, then the Countess of Meath, her son and their servants followed by three Guests.

Ann Woods (age 26) who is described as being a Bar Maid may well be the first member of the hotel staff to be listed. Four entries later is Alice White (age 17) is shown as "Daughter" and above her occupation "Scholar at Home" is the unusual note " Landlady's Daughter. The Landlady was not at home the 30th March". Alice is followed by her two younger sisters and her brother. Moses Reeves is the tenth servant subsequently listed.


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1674, Folio 31 reverse, Page 23
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