1855 Deed - S. C. Caston et al to James B. Reeves

1855 Deed - S. C. Caston et al to James B. Reeves

1855 Deed - S. C. Caston, et al to James B. Reeves

Lancaster County SC
6 January 1855
Deed Book R p18-20

Samuel C Caston               } Deed
Middleton G Caston         } for 219
Wm T Caston                     } Acres
To                                         } Caston
James B Reeves                 } Lands

The State of South Carolina        }
Lancaster District                         } Know all men by these presents that we Samuel C Caston, and
William T Caston & Middleton G Caston by their attorney in fact the said Samuel C Caston (see power dated 29 Nov 1854) formerly of Lancaster District SoCa, but at this time all residing in Hinds County Mississippi in Consideration of One Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty four Dollars 75 cents secured to us to be paid by James B Reeves of Lancaster District SoCa, in the State aforesaid, have Granted, Bargained, Sold and Released, and by these Presents, do Grant Bargain Sell and Release unto the said James B Reeves and his heirs & assigns forever, all that piece parcel or Tract of Land Situate in Lancaster District on the waters of Little Lynches Creek containing three Hundred and Forty Four Acres bounded by Lands of Peter Twitty, A M Caston Jno S Croxton, R A Crimminger, Wm Bowers, the lands of James Reeves & Lands of the said Samuel C Gaston Middleton G & Wm T Castons - The same having a part of the Tract of Land devised by Samuel Caston by his will to the said Saml C William T & Middleton G Castons, and which part is herein sold & conveyed to said Reeves by said Samuel C Caston for himself & as the attorney in fact of the said Wm T & Middleton G Castons, under power of Attorney from them dated Nov 29th 1854 - The said Tract of 344 acres Having such form, marks, & boundaries as the annexed plat made by James D McIlwain D.F. Decr 27 1854, represents, to which reference may be had to more fully describe & Locate the same.
               Together with all and singular the Rights Members, Hereditaments, and Appurtenances to the said premises, belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining, To Have and to Hold all and singular the premises before mentioned, unto the said James B Reeves & his Heirs and Assigns forever. And do hereby bind ourselves & our Heirs Executors and Administrators respectively to warrant and forever defend, all and singular the said premises unto the said James B Reeves and his Heirs and assigns against ourselves and our Heirs & against every other person or persons whosoever respectively lawfully claiming or to claim the same, or any part thereof respectively.
               Witness our Hands and Seals this sixth day of January in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and fifty Five and in the Seventy ninth year of the Independence of the United Sates of America S C Caston (seal)
Singed Sealed and Delivered                              Middleton G Caston (seal)
in the presence of                                                  By S C Caston his atty in fact
J A Stewman                                                          Wm T Caston (seal)
Jno S Croxton                                                         By S C Caston atty in fact

The State of South Carolina        }
Lancaster District                         } Personally appeared before J. A. Stewman and made oath that he say S C Caston for himself & for M G & Wm T Castons sign Seal and Deliver the above Conveyance, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned; and that he with Jno S Croxton in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof

Sworn to before me this 6th day of January 1855                              J. A. Stewman
John C Secrest magst               }

South Carolina                        }
Lancaster District                   } I have resurveyed and laid out unto Brady Reeves a tract of land containing three hundred and forty four acres lying on the waters of Little Lynches Creek & part of the Caston lands bounded by said Reeves, Wm Bowers & others having such shapes, form & marks as the above plat represents. Surveyed the 27th of Decr 1854
                              James D McIlwain D. S.