Reeves, James Brady Jr. (c1812 SC - 1894 SC)


Reeves, James Brady, Jr.


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Betsy Garris

Birth: c1812, South Carolina
Birth Source: census, James Reeves Sr. Estate records, Will of James Reeves, Sr.

Death: c. 11 March 1894
Death Source: Lancaster Common Pleas, Roll 7377

Spouse1: Frances H. Sims. b. c. 1814 South Carolina


Children of James Brady Reeves, Jr. and Frances H. Sims:
  1. Thomas Columbus Reeves, b. May 1840
  2. Mary Elizabeth Reeves, b. 14 Nov 1843
  3. John Jarrett Reeves, b. 23 Feb 1845
  4. Sarah Jane Reeves, b. 22 Apr 1847
  5. James Calvin Reeves, b. 23 Apr 1849
  6. William Darling Reeves, b. 21 Dec 1850
  7. Dorcas Missouri Reeves, b. 21 Jul 1854, possibly married Durham Parker
  8. Martha "Matta" Reeves, b. c1861

Although James's father appeared in all known references as James Reeves or James Reeves, Sr., Lancaster Co., SC, deeds show this James's name as James Reeves Jr, James B Reeves, and Brady Reeves Among these items was a plat for 354 acres on Little Lynches Creek dated 1854.

The 1870 Lancaster Co., SC, Census, showed this family on page 427 in Pleasant Hill Township, HH 295/295: J. B. Reaves, 60, Farmer, $1200/$900, SC; Franky, 56, Keeping House, SC; Dorcas, 16, Works on Farm, SC; Elizabeth, 27, Works on Farm, SC; Madison, 21, Works on Farm, SC; William, 19, Works on Farm, SC; Metta, 9, At Home, SC. Next door, in HH 296/296, was Jane Reaves, 18, SC, white, living with Laney Caston, 75, SC, black, and J. Ellis, 21, Farm Labor, SC. In HH 294/294, next door, were the two older sons, already married: Thomas Reeves, 30, Farmer, SC, No Property; Elizabeth, 25, Keeping House, SC; John, 25, Farmer, $250/$140, SC; Rebecca, 26, Keeping House, SC; William, 3, At Home, SC; Louisa, 1, At Home, SC.

Frances appears on the census records as Frankey. In a message from P. T. Hammond of the Court of Ordinary printed in the Lancaster Ledger from March to May of 1864, "Frankey H. Reeves and husband James B. Reeves" are summoned to appear before Hammond to prove or disprove the will of Ervin Sims. In the court case "Samuel B. Sims vs. J. A. P. Blackmon & Heirs at Law of Ervin Sims Deceased" from Lancaster Co., SC, 1871, it states "heirs surviving were Garret Sims, Samuel B. Sims,...Franky H. Reeves, wife of James B. Reeves...children of said Ervin Sims." In a deed from Lancaster County, "Francis Reaves wife of the within named James B Reeves" released her dower (1875, DB A, p. 258).

A Hawkins Reaves was listed next to James Jr. in the Fork Hill revival baptism record of 1839. The name is also listed in Fork Hill members list with (dead) written next to the name. On James Calvin's Death Certificate, it looks like the mother's name is Hawkins Reeves. This is would be an odd middle name. The name Harwell has also been suggested as her middle name, given that family's connection to the Sims family.

The names and birth dates for the children of James Jr. (minus "Matta") were recorded in a Reeves family Bible, now apparently lost, and recorded from there on a family group sheet by Dora Reeves (see attached). Although it can be assumed the names and birth dates appear as recorded in the family Bible, be aware the spouses names on this sheet appear to be incorrect based on research and were likely additional notes.

James was a planter, listed as a farmer in the census. He was given a choice in his father’s will to take $175 or a negro boy named Morris. He probably took the boy, as he owned one slave, a 20 year old male, in 1850. John J.'s daughter-in-law, “Tish” Robertson Reeves, said he always wore a suit and white shirt. Although the 1850 and 1860 censuses both put his birth about 1812, the 1870 and 1880 give a range of 1810-13. He was a member of Fork Hill Baptist Church as the old minutes book indicates. Tax records show that he died about 1893 or 1894. He was listed on the tax duplicate records for 1893, was missing in 1894, and his estate was listed in 1895. It says that land was divided among Elizabeth Ellis, J. C. Reeves, and John J. Reeves.

Lancaster Co., SC 1893 Tax Duplicate (Nov. 1)
Reeves, J B; O. H.(Oakhurst); $2131 (taxable real property and all taxable property); Levy
Lancaster Co., SC 1895 Tax Duplicate (Nov. 1)
Reeves, Est. J B (no residence listed); $2238 (taxable real property and all taxable property); $41.40 total tax; Real property not in cities, towns and villages - total acres: 697, value $2196; buildings: 2, value $42, total value of property not in c, t, and v. - 2238. Remarks: 108 1/4 from Est J. B. Reeves, 5 a to Thos Reeves, 123 a to Elizabeth Ellis 388, 125 a to J. C. Reeves 375, 125 to J. J. Reeves 375.

Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas records state that James B Reeves died intestate on or about the 11th day of March 1894. His heirs were Thomas C Reeves, Elizabeth Ellis, J J Reeves, James C Reeves, William D Reeves, and Jane Gardner, who had since died intestate. It also states that Jane Gardner "left as her only heir-at-law and next of kin, her husband, Henry J. Gardner a defendant herein and the above named plaintiffs, her brothers and sister." This proves that as long suspected, Jane Gardner was the daughter of James Jr.

In two separate Lancaster County deeds, Henry J. Gardner was mentioned as an heir of James B. Reeves (See 1910 DB S p32; 1897 DB J p44). As the common pleas case shows, he was husband of James's daughter Sarah Jane Reeves. Jane, wife of Henry J. Gardner, is listed on the 1880 census, age 32. This fits with Sarah Jane Reeves's birth year. There is another deed where a Sarah Jane Gardner 101 acres to E. L. Hinson dated 12 March 1894. H. J. Gardner witnessed the deed. Notice that this is a day after the approximate date of death for her father. Further research is needed to determine if that land came from her father (1894, DB I, p. 54).

There is a Dorcas Parker, wife of Durham Parker in Kershaw Co., SC on the 1880 census who fits the age for Dorcas Reeves. Both disappear from the census after 1880, which fits with the fact that only Elizabeth Ellis was alive of the sisters in 1899, per T. C.'s obituary.


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