Reeves, John Jarrett (1845 SC - 1916 SC)


Reeves, John Jarrett


Father: James Brady Reeves, Jr.
Mother: Frances H. Sims

Birth: 23 February 1845, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Birth Source: Reeves Family Bible, Census

Death: 20 November 1916, Kershaw, Lancaster Co., South Carolina
Death Source: Death Certificate, Obituary

Spouse1: Rebecca Jane Cole


Children of John Jarrett Reeves and Rebecca Jane Cole:
  1. William Thomas Reeves, b. 12 November 1866, d. 12 July 1886
  2. Elizabeth Louisa Reeves, b. 18 October 1868
  3. Erasmus Lafayette Reeves, b. 14 January 1871
  4. Mary Emma Reeves, b. 8 June 1873
  5. James Arthur Reeves, b. 27 August 1875
  6. Ida Luretta Reeves, b. 27 September 1877
  7. Minnie Reeves, b. 19 June 1880
  8. Henry Oscar Reeves, b. 29 January 1883

Grandpa John lived in Lancaster County his entire life. He was a member of Fork Hill Baptist Church. A week before his eighteenth birthday, he enlisted for three years in the Confederate Army in the same Company as his brother T. C. Reeves. He was sworn in at the Lancaster County Courthouse by Captain Clyburn. According to James Boyd, grandson of Sidney Reeves, son of Erasmus Reeves, he was wounded once at Gettysburg in the heel. The family would always tease him, saying that he must have been running from the Yankees to get shot in the back of the foot. He would get mad and say that he was chasing a Yankee around a barn when the Yankee slipped behind and shot at him. Reports from the Battle of Gettysburg reproduced in Jeffcoat's Confederate Records book do indeed show that he was slightly wounded at Gettysburg. He always enjoyed gathering with his fellow men in arms after the war, and continued to attend reunions until his death. After Grandma Becky died in 1909, Grandpa John would walk regularly to Kershaw and meet with his friends at a Café owned by some black people. He’d spend the night with one of his daughters, then walk back home afterwards, a one way trip of over four and a half miles.

Dora notes that there are two boys, Earnest and Minor that may be John's children. These were apparently from the Reeves Family Bible. Given that Rebecca is said to have seven out of nine children living, it is likely they are.
Earnest b. Apr 30, 1886 d. Feb 2 1887
Minor b. Apr 30, 1888

The Lancaster News, 1 July 1913 mentions that John J. Rives went to attend a Great Reunion for survivors of Gettysburg.

The Lancaster News, 7 July 1914
Mr. J. J. Reeves, who has been spending some time in North Carolina, is at home again.

The Lancaster News 5 Dec 1916
The death of Mr. John J. Reeves, which occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Minor Vincent at Kershaw, November 20, brought sadness to a large circle of relatives and friends. Mr. Reeves, who was in his 73rd year at the time of his death, had seemed to be remarkably vigorous for one his age till shortly before his last illness. He had been for many years a member of the Baptist Church and was a veteran in the War of Secession. He rarely missed a reunion, county, State or National, and was never happier than when enjoying the companionship of his old comrades in arms. Interment took place at Fork Hill Baptist Church the day following his death. The funeral being preached by his pastor, Dr. J.W.H. Dyches. Mr. Reeves is survived by three sons, Erasmus Reeves, James A Reeves, Oscar Reeves, and three daughters as follows: Mesdames Minor Vincent, Samuel Vincent, and Grover Horton.

Although the birth date apparently written in the family Bible as recorded by Dora Reeves was February 23rd, John's Death Certificate reports either April 3rd or 8th. The date from the family Bible is confirmed by the 1900 census, which reports February 1845 for birth. Death certificate also says he was born in Lancaster County. His name appears as John Garrett Reeves in the family Bible transcription, although later records always use J.

Rebecca was born 26 April 1844 (Headstone). She died 13 August 1909 in Lancaster Co., South Carolina (Headstone, Obituary). Both she and John are buried in the Fork Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Lancaster Co., South Carolina, although John's grave was originally unmarked.


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