1867 Deed - T. J. Reeves To John M. Beaty

1867 Deed - T. J. Reeves To John M. Beaty

1867 Deed - T. J. Reeves To John M. Beaty

Lancaster County SC
8 April 1867
Deed Book S p593

T. J. Reeves             } Lien
       To                       } on
John M. Beaty        } Crops

South Carolina             }
Lancaster District        } Whereas T J Reeves is bound unto John M Beaty by a Sealed note in the sum of Fifty two Dollars & fifty cents bearing date with these presents, due six months after date with interest from date; and whereas Said note was given for money advanced by the said John M Beaty to the said T J Reeves on the day of the date of said note to be used & expended by hi in the cultivation of the soil as provided for by an act of the General Assembly of South Carolina entitled an “Act to secure advances for Agricultural purposes,” passed the 20th day of September A. D. 1866.
Now know ye that I, the said T J Reeves, for & in consideration of the said sum of Fifty two Dollars & fifty five cents advanced to me as aforesaid, & to secure the payment of the said note given for said advanced monies, together with interest thereon according to the terms of said note, & also in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid at & before the sealing & delivery of these presents, do hereby bargain, sell, release and convey unto the said John M Beaty, all my right, title and interest in & to the entire crops of cotton, corn & other produce which may be raised upon the farm or farms cultivated by me in said District during the present year; also all my right, title & interest in and to one yoke or pair of oxen, one a red & white spotted, the other a red ox, each being about three or four years old, to him & to his lawful heirs & assigns forever.
The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound T J Reeves shall well & truly pay or cause to be paid the said sealed note with interest due thereon according to the tenor of said note, then this obligation to be void; otherwise to be & remain in full force & virtue. Given under my hand & seal this the Eight day of April A. D. 1867
Signed Sealed & delivered  }T J Reeves (Seal)
in the presence of                 }
D. A. Williams                       }
John W. Twitty                     }

South Carolina             }
Lancaster District        } Personally appeared before me D. A. Williams & made oath that he saw T J Reeves sign seal & deliver the foregoing Lien or mortgage for the uses & purposes therein expressed & that he with John W. Twitty witnessed the due execution of the same
Sworn to before me this          }D. A. Williams
this 19th day of April 1867      }
John W. Twitty Clk                   }