Logan Co., KY - 1872 Will, Robert S. Reeves

1872 Will - Robert S. Reeves

Will of Robert S. Reeves

Logan County, Kentucky
Will Book K, p. 479-480

Know all men That I, R. S. Reeves of Logan County and State of Kentucky being Sound in mind and ordinary health, do make and ordain this as my last will and testiment, viz:
That my wife J. E. Reeves have in fee Simple all the property of which I may be possessed at my death both personal and real in this State and Else where, That she Settle all lawful debts against me to the Satisfaction of my creditors and that no Security be demanded of her for any thing else and that She be permitted to dispose of any property real or personal as she may think proper. Sealed, Signed and delivered in the presence of witnesses.

                                                                                                            R. S. Reeves
Test           W. F. Long
                    R. W. Hooker

State of Kentucky         §
County of Logan            §         Sct
At a County Court Continued and held for Logan County, on the 16 day of October 1872, the foregoing instrument of writing was produced in open Court and proven by the oath of R. W. Hooker one of the Subscribing witnesses thereto and the Signature of W. F. Long the other Subscribing witness thereto was also proven by the oath of Said R. W. Hooker to be the act and deed and last will and testament of R. S. Reeves Deceased Whereupon the Same Court ordered the Same to be recorded as the last will and testament of Said decedent Wherefore the Same together with this Certificate hath been duly admitted to record in my office.
Given under my hand as clerk of Said Court this Oct 17, 1872.

                                                                                                            J. W. Winlock, Clerk
                                                                                                            By W. A. Newman D.C.

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