Logan Co., KY - 1872 Renunciation of Will, R. S. Reeves

1873 Renunciation of Will - R. S. Reeves

R. S. Reeves Decd - Renunciation of Will

Logan County, Kentucky
Will Book L, p. 3-4

This instrument of writing Witnesseth that whereas Robert S. Reeves Deceased made his Will which has been recorded in the Logan County Court Clerk’s office of Logan County Kentucky And at the time of making his Said will he belived (sic) that he would have ample property to pay all of his debts and a Sufficiently left to Support and maintain his wife, the party executing this wrigint, but the fact is now apparent that the estate will prove to be insolvent and the party hereto is now old and infirm, a cripple for life and wholy unable to do any thing by way of Support, Now therefore in view of the above facts I Jennett E. Reeves do hereby relinquish and renounce the provissions (sic) made for me by the will of my deseased (sic) husband Robert S. Reeves, and claim the provissions (sic) made for me by law - In witness whereof - I have Set my hand this 5th day of August 1873.                                         J. E. Reeves

State of Tennessee        §
Madison County             §       Sct
                                    I P. C. McCowat Clerk of the County Court of Madison County State of Tennessee, do certify that this instrument of writing Signed by Jennett E. Reeves was this day produced to me, by the Said Jennsett E. Reeves and the Same was acknowledged, and by her before me to be her act and deed, and desired the Same to be certified to the proper office for record.
Given under my hand and Seal of office this 5th day of August 1873.
                                                                                                            P. C. McCowat Clerk
                                                                                                            By Jno T. Stark D. Clk

State of Kentucky      §
County of Logan         §       Towit
                              I Jo. W. Winlock, Clerk of the Logan County Court, do Certify that the foregoing Instrument of writing was on the 2d day of Sept 1873, lodged in my office for record, and that I have recorded it this and the certificate therein in my Said office. Witness my hand 20th day of March 1874.
                                                                                                            Jo. W. Winlock, Clerk
                                                                                                            By Henry Alderson D.C.

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