1879 Will - William Reaves

Will of William Reaves

Bedford County, Tennessee
Will Book 1, Page 559
25 Feb 1879


I William Reaves of Bedford County and State of Tennessee being of sound mind do make this my last will and testament
In the first place after my decease I wish and order that all my just and legal debts paid out of the first money that may come into the hands of my Executor
1st. I will and bequeath that to my beloved wife Elizabeth Reaves, the use and benefit of all my lands and Homestead during her natural life, to do or dispose of for her own personal benefit, and support during her natural life, And after that I now state and make known the disposition I make or wish made of the funds I am possed of.
I have one tract of land lying in the bend of Duck River in what is called Newsome bend of one hundred and fifty acres
2. I wish and direct that in dividing the tract the lines should run north and south from the river at one point to the river at the next, And to cut off forty acres in the first division but should the line by running north and south cut off the barn and stables, I direct and wish the barn & stables to be attached to the second division, and an offset to be made in the line so as to include the barn and stables, And the Eastern portion so cut off, shall belong to my daughter Elizabeth E Shofner, And her bodily heirs forever.
3. I will and bequeath the second division including my dwelling house, barn & stables above reserved with thirty acres attached ( The line to run North & South) to my daughter Chaney G Brown, And her bodily heirs but if she should die without issue this lot so willed shall return to my Estate and the same to be sold and the proceeds thereof be divided Equally between my children herein named - viz - Margaret J Snell, Isham Reaves, John Reaves, and Elizabeth E Shafner
4th I will and bequeath the third division lying east and adjoining the 2nd lot and to contain thirty acres the lines running north & south to my daughter Margaret J Snell and to her bodily heirs.
5th I now give and bequeath to my son Isham Reaves and his bodily heirs the forth lot of land lying on the river containing forty acres known as the Ishm Reaves tract. I now take & divide fifty acres detached from my homestead known as the cedar land
In dividing __ wish the lines to run North & South and the same to be divided into four equal parts the Eastern portion or lot to my son Isham Reaves and his bodily heirs.
The second or next lot to my daughter Elizabeth E Shofner and her bodily heirs
The third or next lot to my daughter Chainey G Brown and her bodily heirs (if any) and if not to be disposed of as stated in my first bequest to her.
The fourth or last lot to go to the use & benefit of my daughter Margaret J Snell, and her bodily heirs
In this my will and testament, I have left out my son John Reaves upon the principles of equity & justice and for reasons understood between him & myself, As I have given him a full portion in land on which he now loves, And has had the use and benefit of for years free of charge or rents.
And finally I make this request and bequeath that after my demise my Executor shall sell to the highest bidder all the stock of any kind remaining on the farm except what my beloved wife Elizabeth may wish to retain for her own personal benefit and convenience, And after paying all just & legal debts against my Estate the remaining (if any) shall go to my wife as above named during her natural life, And at her death all just and legal debts be paid the remainder that may be in her hands including money and household furniture &c shall be Equally divided between my three daughters above named.
And to carry out these bequests & wishes herein mentioned I appoint Action Y Snell as my lawful Executor.
In testamony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 25th day of February 1879
Signed in presence ofWilliam Reaves (LS)
Thos Knott } Test
Jas L Reeves } Test

Codicil no 1.
I, William Reaves in the body of this my last will & testament nominated and appointed A Y Snell my Executor & he having died since this was signed & witnessed I hereby in ths as a codicil to my said will, nominate and appoint Thos R Myers my exector to Execute & carry out the provisions of my will this December 1st 1883 William Reaves
R T Lane & R F Evans

I Will J Muse clerk of the county court of said county hereby order that the above & foregoing is a full true & perfect copy of the last will and testament of Wm Reaves dec’d as proven & admitted to probate at its ___ Term 1887, as shown by the original now on file in my office. This 20th Decr 1887Will J Muse Clk


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