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Gobbledygook replacing single characters (2010-10)

When the TW was re-incarnated, in some instances single characters were replaced by a string of gobbledygook.

If you are certain as to what the original single character was, please go ahead and edit the wiki page to remove the gobbledygook and reinstate the correct character. If you are not absolutely certain please add the page to the list below and the site admins will work with the page author to get it fixed. Thanks

Known Gobbledygook

’ apostrophe '
½ half
£ pound GBP£
“ Opening double quote“
” Closing double quote

Pages with Errors

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Martin     Reavis_Isaac_3023

Pages Fixed

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Update 29May12
We experienced the same/similar issue when TRP migrated from v4.3 to v6.7 in April 2012 as noted on page T67_Multi_Byte_Character_Issues.

The pairs and triples of characters that we had not discovered and fixed from the 4.2 to 4.3 migration were further mangled to 7/8/9 character strings of residual gobbledygook by the migration from 4.3 to 6.7

However, TW v6.x included for the first time a mass find and replace tool for admin users, which has permitted the discovery and fixing of the vast majority of these anomalies. This issue from 4.2 to 4.3 migration is now regarded as fixed.

Status Closed

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