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The Current Story for Group 03

DNA Group 03 is the largest group in the Reeves DNA Project. Notwithstanding such excellent participation, efforts to find a common ancestor have been elusive. All of the members of this group appear to be in some way either descended from William Reeves who died in Granville County, North Carolina in 1751 or a close relative of his. His children are known thanks to his will, but there are also lineages who match his documented descendants who descend from individuals who do not appear to be his children for they are not among those listed in his will.

In addition to known descendants of William Reeves, DNA Group 03 includes individuals who descend from John Reeves who was present in Granville County by 1782 living in close proximity to members of the William Reeves’ family. He was undoubtedly closely related to William Reeves, possibly a grandson or nephew. Descendants of this John Reeves who left North Carolina and settled in Pendleton District of South Carolina around 1790 share a distinguishing value of 15 for the marker DYS456. All other members of this group have a value of 16 at that marker.

Within the last few years, thanks to the DNA Project, there has been a new development in the known story of the Reaves family primarily located in Wayne County, North Carolina. Two members of Group 03 are descendants of William Reaves who first appeared in Old Dobbs County in 1758 and died in Wayne County in 1793. Members #266235, Michael Reaves, and #265157, Richard Reaves, are documented descendants of William Reaves of Wayne County.

One interesting footnote to the story of DNA Group 03, is the match of member #419746, Adam Fitzpatrick, who descends from Theodore Tadgh Fitzpatrick who lived in Ireland from 1830 to 1909. We don't currently have enough information for this member's lineage to know whether his 34 of 37 marker Y-DNA match to Reeves' individuals is the result of a recent NPE or may be a clue to Irish origins.

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Group 03 - Our Families and People

FamilyOf_Reeves_William_3114 - Family of William Reeves of Chowan, Edgecombe and Granville Co., North Carolina
FamilyOf_Reeves_John_3547 - Family of John Reeves of Granville Co., North Carolina
FamilyOf_Reaves_William_3043 - Family of William Reaves of Wayne Co., North Carolina