DNA Group 07 - Root Page

DNA Group 07 Root

DNA Group 07 - Root Page

DNA Group 07 - TRP Co-ordinator

DNA Group 07 currently has no Group Co-ordinator within The Reeves Project. If you have an interest in this group and would like to know what a Group Co-ordinator does, please contact TRP's Admin Team.

DNA Group 07 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
   19587 Curtis Brent Reeves yes
   23843 BW
   62360 Hal D Reeves
   72440 Timothy Eldridge Massey
   93346 Charles Revis
 123542 Ben Reavis
 158961 Blaine Amos Revis
 159965 Paul Neil Revis
 160251 Jon Michael Reavis
 168298 Paul H Reavis
 169098 James Lyndon Reavis
 626002 Charles Williams
 768176 PR
 935798 RW
  954287 AR

See page DNA Group 07 - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.