DNA Group 08 - Root Page

DNA Group 08 Root

DNA Group 08 - Root Page

DNA Group 08 - TRP Co-ordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Carolyn serves as the co-ordinator for DNA Group 08.

DNA Group 08 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
   26902 Gary A Reeves
   68793 James F Reeves
 131620 Ernest B Reeves Sharland Reeves
 141234 Jesse M Reeves
 189208 Wilmer P Reaves
 239846 Ronald Dean Reeves Deanna L Reeves and Greg Lamberson
 243451 Everette P Reeves
 260406 Karl Reeves
 262849 Bobby E Reeves
 303807 Stephen K Reaves
 318694 Ronald Doyce Reeves
 348038 James W Rives Jr
 648321 Robert L Reeves yes
 882033 Donald Reaves yes
 905310 Glenn D Rives
 906034 Collin Reaves Donald Reaves
 917412 Al Reaves yes
 917751 JR
 918559 Ronald Ramsey Reaves yes
 1001816 Clinton Reeves Gerald Witt
 AM20193 RR
 B11456 Gary Reeves Nick Reeves
 B331606 Clyde M Reeves II yes
  IN131715 David Ryves yes
 N14202 Cecil R Rives
 N67459 Jason D Reeves yes
 X201003 Kenneth M Reaves

See page DNA Group 08 - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.