DNA Group 08 - Root Page

DNA Group 08 Root

DNA Group 08 - Root Page

DNA Group 08 - TRP Co-ordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Carolyn serves as the co-ordinator for DNA Group 08.

DNA Group 08 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
   26902 Gary A Reeves
   68793 James F Reeves
 131620 Ernest B Reeves Sharland Reeves
 141234 Jesse M Reeves
 189208 Wilmer P Reaves
 239846 Ronald Dean Reeves Deanna L Reeves
 243451 Everette P Reeves
 260406 Karl Reeves
 262849 Bobby E Reeves
 303807 Stephen K Reaves
 318694 Ronald Doyce Reeves
 348038 James W Rives Jr
 648321 Robert L Reeves yes
 882033 Donald Reaves yes
 905310 GR
 906034 Collin Reaves Donald Reaves
 917412 AR yes
 917751 JR
 918559 RR yes
 AM20193 RR
 B11456 Gary Reeves
 B331606 Clyde M Reeves II yes
 N14202 Cecil R Rives
 N67459 Jason D Reeves yes
 X201003 Kenneth M Reaves

See page DNA Group 08 - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.