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The Current Story for Group 19

Although in several instances the earliest ancestor has not been documented, each of the four individuals placed in DNA Group 19 have historical documentation that points to the Reeves' family of southern Maryland, primarily in Charles and St. Mary's counties. In several instances the birth records are recorded in the Trinity Parish Register, while in others there is no clear cut paper trail.

Bennett and Josiah Reeves are documented sons of Thomas Reeves and Mary Murphy of Charles County, Maryland. The ancestors of the two other participants in DNA Group 19 descend from Walter C. Reeves who appears to descend from James Reeves while the other has inferential connections to John Reeves both of whom descend from Upgate Reeves of St. Mary's County, Maryland.

There is still much research to be done for Group 19 which is one of the newest groups in the Reeves DNA Project, but over the first months of 2018, a former mystery has begun to be solved and is an exciting advancement for Reeves' research.

Group 19 - General Discussion

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Group 19 - Our Families and People

  1. Reeves, Josias (1761 MD - 1841 OH) son of Reeves, Thomas (c1725 MD - 1778 MD)
  2. Reeves, Bennett (1766 MD - c1830 GA) son of Reeves, Thomas (c1725 MD - 1778 MD)
  3. Reeves, John (c1730 ? - 1790 NC)
  4. Reeves, Walter C. (c1807 VA - 1872 VA)