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The Current Story for Group 23

The information here would be maintained by the TRP Group Co-ordinator and within reason may be used as they see fit. We do ask that they retain the three level two headings and their sequence, so that a degree of consistency across all DNA Groups in TRP is maintained.  . It is suggested the page is used to provide info about known common ancestors and current lines of research. Permissions on this page are adjusted such that only the Group Co-ordinator(s) (plus Mentors and Admins) would have the privilege to edit this page.

A corresponding talk_ page would be the appropriate place for ANY community member to comment on any matter relating to the group.

These lines of explanation should be deleted from live group pages.

Group 23 - General Discussion

Please use the DNA Group 23 talk_ page to comment on or discuss any information on this Group Home Page or to discuss any of the Families within this DNA Group

Group 23 - Our Families and People

WikiLinks to FamilyOf pages or preferably may optionally be added here and this line deleted.

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