Reeves DNA Project Update - February 2015

DNA Project News - 2015 Feb

Reeves Y-DNA Project Updates - February 2015

Originally notified to the Reeves-L mailing list by Barry Reeves on 22February 2015 (accessed October 2018) 1 and reformatted for inclusion here.

The following new family lines have been added since our last update.
    Kit 303807 for Stephen Kemper Reaves     DNA Group 08
    Kit B11456 for Gary Reeves               DNA Group 08
    Kit 318694 for Ronald Doyce Reeves       DNA Group 08
    Kit 260406 for Karl Reeves               DNA Group 08
    Kit 348038 for Jim Rives                 DNA Group 08

The following people have recently joined our project and are waiting on their Y-DNA test results.
    Kit 352584 for Robert Reeves
    Kit 376183 for Dwain Reeves
    Kit 397362 for Shawne Reeves
    Kit B36756 for Paul Reeves
I still have a few more updates that I'm working on and hope to have them
posted soon.

Thanks again for everyone's support of our DNA project.

Barry Reeves
Project Administrator
Reeves DNA Project

1 Accessed as http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/REEVES/2015-02/1424618448 in April 2017 but no longer accessible there after the rebuild of RootsWeb

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