FAQ - Adding Australian State or Territory


Adding Australian State or Territory

This page extends the guidance in FAQ_Adding_US_State_or_UK_County to Australian States and Territories.

In the following notes, please always make the following substitutions as you create new wiki pages
    Sssssss    by the full state or territory name,
               eg "New South Wales"
    xxx        by the right hand portion of the the ISO 3166-2 code
               per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:AU
               eg "nsw" or "sa"
    XXX        as xxx but in UPPER CASE
               eg "NWS" or "SA"
    9999       by the "page_ref_id=" number noted in step (1)

(1) Create a new structure for the state/territory, where the
    "Structure ID:"    AU_State_XXX    or
                       AU_Territory_XXX as appropriate
    "Alias:"           Sssssss, Australia
and make a note of the "page_ref_id=" number.

NB This step can only be done by a user with permissions to manipulate structures. Ask your Mentor Team for assistance with this step.

(2) Create a new page Y10-AU-XXX
Add the following three lines of content to the newly created page
Australian State/Territory Page (secondary)
{include page="AU_State_XXX" start="Marker1 ~/tc~" stop="!!Gleanings From" page_edit_icon="n"}
!!Gleanings From
{toc maxdepth=3 structId=9999}
replacing AU_State_XXX by the name of the structure created in step (1) (so may be AU_State_XXX or AU_Territory_XXX).

Set the freetags for the page to be "aus au-xxx"

Set the page description as "Sssssss (AU-XXX), Australia"

Save the newly created page. It is complete and should not require further change. When initially viewed it will seem pretty spartan, but it will dynamically included the content you're just about to add.

(3) Edit the state/territory page AU_State_XXX created as a structure in step (1).

Firstly delete the system added line "Table of Contents: " and replace it with the following code

Australian State/Territory Page (primary)

! Sssssss (AU-XXX), Australia

!! History

!! Location and Adjacent States/Territories

For additional information see [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/www|Wikipedia]

!!Gleanings From
{toc maxdepth=3}
In addition to the normal substitutions noted above, also replace the Wikipedia link (between the "[" and the "|" with an appropriate link to their state/territory page. Take care not to alter the first 3 and last 3 lines of the above, but beyond that, this merely serves as a framework within which you can later add information about this state/territory.

Set the freetags for the page to be "aus au-xxx", the same values as used in step (2)

Set the page description to be "State Page - Sssssss" or "Territory Page - Sssssss" as appropriate.

Using Queensland as an example, the primary and secondary pages will have the following attributes
      Secondary     Primary
Structure ID   
    Queensland, Australia
Page Name     Y10-AU-QLD     AU_State_QLD
Freetags     aus au-qld     aus au-qld
Page Description     Queensland (AU-QLD), Australia       State Page - Queensland  
Alias in Y10-Gleanings     Queensland (AU-QLD)