FAQ - Adding a UK County or US State


Q: How do I add a new US State or UK County to the Wiki?

A: By adding TWO pages to the Wiki as described below.

Each new US State or UK County is represented by two wiki pages, one of which simply mirrors the content of the other (link to technical explanation to be added here later), but the process is not that complex.

Please only add a missing US State or UK County if you are then going to add information about a Reeves individual.

The process is identical for both US States and UK Counties, but the pages are named according to county specific conventions. For guidance on adding an Australian State or Territory click here. We believe this process will also readily adapt to other countries (eg Canadian Provinces & Territories, Swiss Cantons, French département etc) but ask that you contact your Mentor Team BEFORE starting a new country.

The second page in this FAQ describes adding a US State and the third page adding a UK County

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