FAQ - Adding a UK County or US State


US State

Firstly, create a new structure for the state concerned. The "Structure ID:" should be US_State_XX (where XX is the two character State abbreviation) and the "Alias:" should be the state name in full. At this stage there is no need to provide any further information.

The newly created structure US_State_XX will now be visible in the list of structures. Hover your mouse over the new item and note down the "page_ref_id=" number, you'll need this later. (For example, Alabama is US_State_AL and has a page_ref_id=1470)

Secondly, please add a new page called Y10-US-XX to the existing structure Y10-Gleanings. This new page should be given a "Page alias:" of the full state name. Now edit the new page Y10-US-XX and insert the following three lines of code
Skeleton Source - Y10-US-XX Page
{INCLUDE(page=>"US_State_XX" start="Marker1 ~/tc~" stop="!!Gleanings From")}{INCLUDE}
!!Gleanings From
{toc maxdepth=3 structId=9999}
There are two minor changes you need to make
  1. Replace the XX by the code for the new state you are adding
  2. Replace 9999 by the "page_ref_id=" number you noted for your new structure US_State_XX.
Please make no other changes to these lines of code.
Please complete the page description as Xxxx (XX), USA For example, "Arkansas (AR), USA".
You can now save this file, it is complete and should not need further change. When you initially view it, it will seem pretty spartan, but it will dynamically include the content you're just about to add.

Thirdly, now edit the US_State_XX file. Delete the system added line "Table of Contents: {toc}" and replace it with the following code
Skeleton Source - US_State_XX Page
-=((Country_US|United States))=-

!Xxxx Counties Page


Modern day county map http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/maps/xxxx_map.html 

!!Modern Day Adjacent States

!!County Information
See Wikipedia for modern day county information [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_counties_in_Xxxx]

!!Gleanings From
{toc maxdepth=3 sortalpha=alpha}
Replace Xxxx with the name of the new State you are adding. Beyond that, this merely serves as a shell within which you can add information about the new State, but please do not change the first three or last three lines of the file.

You can now add a County to this newly created state. There is an FAQ which provides guidance on naming and adding new US Counties.

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