US County Naming


Q: What convention should I adopt when entering a new US County page?

A: State_County_CountyName
        (for example TX_County_Tarrant)

The Wiki isn't well behaved with spaces in its file names, so please use an underscore rather than a space as a separator.

To add US County Pages and to make sure that the information you create get's listed the correct way, please follow these instructions.

  • Go to Structures.

  • On the Modify Structure page, first click on US_State_State Name you need. Example: US_State_TX.

  • Now scroll to the bottom of the page and use the drop down list of the "After Page" heading to pick the preceding county name so that the new entry will be in the correct alphabetical sequence.

  • Then type StateName_County_CountyName in the "Create Page" box and click the "Update" button.

  • The system immediately creates a blank version zero page for that county (which by the way doesn't need approval).

You can now add information to this new County Page.