FAQ - Indexing Married Women


Indexing and Naming of Married Women

In order to index married women in the Wiki in a way that will make it possible to easily find them by their maiden name as well as any and all married surnames, a "stub pages" should be created for each married surname which will link back to the primary person page for that individual.

The primary person page should be named as "Maiden-Surname_Given-Name_Number_Random-Number-Suffix", for example Doe_Jane_1234.
All of the information about Jane and her life should be entered on this person page.

A stub page for Jane Doe would then be created with her married surname of Reeves, in this example Reeves_Jane_1234. Please be sure to use the same given name(s) and numeric suffix for both pages. This stub page would need only a page description and in the body of the page the REDIRECT command as shown below. By clicking on that page the user would be automatically taken to the "Doe_Jane_1234" page.

Any prior or subsequent marriages would warrant the creation of another page with that surname and the same redirect to Doe_Jane_1234.
Be sure to always use the same numeric suffix for every page that pertains to this one person.

Example Content Snippet

!Reeves, Jane (nee Doe)
{REDIRECT(page=Doe_Jane_1234) /}
Sorry but automatic redirection is currently broken. (maidenname(Doe_Jane_1234|Please click here to be redirected.))

Page name:           Reeves_Jane_1234
Page description:    Reeves, Jane (nee Doe)  (c1799 HAM - aft 1868 SC)