FAQ Naming Pages for Lines with DNA Groups


Q: How should I name a new Line Page within a DNA Group?

A: Line_XYZ99999

The TW software isn't well behaved with spaces in its file names, so please use an underscore rather than a space as a separator. Also the hash/number sign has special significant in HTML and shouldn't be used in wiki page names.

Line Pages should commence with the characters "Line_" and be suffixed with the unique DNA Test Kit reference.
For example, the page for the line of Barry Reeves (Group 03) would be   Line_18394

Some kits have letters as well as numbers within their reference. The reference should always be quoted in full.
For example, the page for the line of K M Reaves (Group 08) would be   Line_X201003

If you find an existing Line Page with the wrong information, please consult with the TRP Admin Team.

Q: What Description should I give a Line Page?

A: Line ZXY9999 (Group 99) of givenname familyname

The description of a Line Page should reflect the line reference, the group number and the name of the individual who was tested. Again using Line_18394 as our example,
     Line 18394 (Group 03) of Barry Leon Reeves 

Q: What Alias should I give a Line Page?

A: Line ZXY99999 of givenname familyname

The Alias of a Line Page within the DNA Group's structure should reflect only the line and the name of the individual tested. The Group Number should NOT be repeated here, since the structure navigation will clearly show the Group membership.

Q: How should I format givenname and familyname

            in the description and alias?

A: With due sensitivity to living individuals, please.

Where an individual is not a member of The Reeves Project, caution should be exercised with naming living individuals. Even if full given names are in the public domain (such as on the Reeves DNA site), it is suggested second and subsequent given names are replaced by initials.

Members of TRP, when referring to themselves are, of course at liberty to use any format of their choosing.

Background Information
  • A DNA Group may contain one or more Line Pages
  • A Line Page will be unique to a group.
  • A line may contain one or more Person Pages
  • A Person Page may feature in one or more lines where common ancestors are identified. (If two male second cousins took the DNA test, then their great grandfather would occur in each of their lines.)