FAQ - Masthead Background


Q: The Masthead Background has changed. Why?

A: To get your attention :-)

White Background 

Assuming you've not changed from the default theme of "Thenews", the Masthead background is 99.99% of the time is  white . We very occasionally will change it to draw your attention to a Latest News page update.

Pink Background 

We may need to take TRP down for a short while to perform a software update and in that case we will set a PINK background if the change is due within the next two to three days.

Orange Background 

If we get our act together and can give a longer period of notice then the masthead will have an ORANGE Background for the previous three to fourteen days.

Lemon Background 

And if we're really on the ball then we'll use a Lemon Background when we first post the updated Latest News page more than a two weeks before the planned event.

Light Green Background 

After the upgrade event has been completed, we'll set the masthead to have Light Green Background for a couple of days, before we revert to the usual  White Background.  We'll update the Latest News to indicate whether the change was successful.
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