FAQ - How to use My Bookmarks


FAQ - My Bookmarks

Q: How do I use My Bookmarks?

A: Please see the notes below.

When the new left navigation menu was introduced on 31 October 2011, it was realised that the eight links chosen for the primary Menu might not be everybody's favourites, which is where "My Bookmarks" comes in. This is not a new feature, it has just been make more accessible.

The "My Bookmarks" feature allows you to bookmark the page you're currently viewing by clicking on the "Mark" button. It will be saved to your personal My Bookmarks and be visible in the left column with the default wiki page name.
If you'd like to give the page a brief, more personal, description, you can type that in the text entry box before clicking the Mark button.

You will also find "Bookmarks" within the "My Account" section. Here it's not a particularly friendly feature to use; you have to know the page name of hthe page you want to book mark, type it into a box and click the add button. Both mechanisms maintain a single list of your personal bookmarks within TRP.

The feature is relatively rudimentary compared to the features found within some Web Browsers. But it meets a need within TRP of allowing individual users to create their own quick links in the left navigation menu.

Q: Where is this "Mark" button?

A: You may need to toggle open "My Bookmarks" to see it.

If you are only seeing "My Bookmarks" immediately followed by the "Quick Edit a Wiki Page" section in the left column, then the My Bookmarks feature is presently toggled closed for you.

Move your mouse over the title "My Bookmarks" in the left navigation column and the "toggle" icon will appear to the right of the title. Clicking once on the toggle icon will expand the feature; clicking again will collapse the feature.

Q: Can I organise My Bookmarks into folders?

A: Yes, but you are advised against using this aspect.

"Bookmarks" within "My Account" also allows the organisation of personal bookmarks into folders. Type the new folder name in the text box and click the add button. With "My Bookmarks", the same effect is achieved by typing a new folder name into the text box and clicking the New button.

Unfortunately the "My Bookmarks" in the left navigation column does not improve on the usability of bookmark folders and you are advised against using this part of the feature. 
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