FAQ - Creating Structures


Creating Structures

Create a new structure or add to an existing structure by choosing "Structures" from the Wiki Menu listing.
Note, if you can not see "Structures" in the Wiki menu list, you have not yet been granted the permissions necessary to manipulate structures. Please contact your Mentor Team for further guidance.

To create a new structure:
  • Click "Create New Structure" tab.
  • In the field for Structure ID, assign the name using underscores (_) rather than spaces.
  • Assign an "Alias": Giving the structure an alias will list it without underscores in a more user pleasing format.
  • Enter First Level of Structure (i.e. earliest ancestor).
    • At the bottom of the page at "Add Pages to Current Node": Enter name of new page in field or choose from list of pre-existing pages and click update - that page will then appear at the top of the Structure and be numbered "1".
    • With this new page chosen or highlighted, begin to add subordinate pages for the second generation or level by entering either a new page name or a pre-existing page at the bottom of the page under "Add Pages to Current Node". There is a field entitled "After Page" so you can choose where to place the new and/or existing pages within the structure. As this generation is entered, they will be numbered 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.
    • To begin the third generation, choose or highlight the parent from among those entered in the second generation then enter their children as you have done on the previous generation. This generation will be numbered 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, etc.
    • You can give each page an "alias" so they will appear as "John Smith" rather than Smith_John_100 in the field on the bottom portion of the page.

To add to an existing structure simply choose that Structure ID from the listing and add additional pages as above. This is the same method for entering additional states, counties or gleanings from counties already listed in the "Gleanings" structure.

Always be sure that the page for which you are adding subordinate pages is highlighted. This will assure that your new additions will be placed in the correct grouping.

To rearrange pages within a level or group, use the Up or Down arrows to the left of the pages listed in the structure. Up and down arrows move the pages within their same generation or state/county. For example, change from 1.2.2 to 1.2.1 or 1.2.3.

The Promote and Demote arrows to the left of the Up and Down arrows are for a very different purpose such as promoting an individual from generation 3 to 2, i.e. from 1.2.3 to 1.3 (from the third child of a member of generation 2 to the third child of generation 2); or to demote: from generation 2 to generation 3, i.e. from 1.3 to 1.2.1 (from the third child of generation 2 to the first child of generation 3).

Using the arrows is, at first, fairly confusing but after a little practice can be mastered.

If you find that your new addition is listed in the wrong place in the structure, it is possible to click on the red X by that page name and delete the page from the structure without deleting it from the Wiki. This is usually less complicated than using the arrows to move the page if is listed very far from its intended location.

To remove a page from the structure there are three different steps:
  • Click on the red X to remove the page from the structure.
  • When the question "Delete only from the structure?" appears at the top of the next screen, click on that.
  • Another screen will then appear which will ask you to "Click Here to Confirm Your Action".
You can then, re-enter the page in the correct position.
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