FAQ - Page Content Issues. What should I do?


Someone has already created a page for my GGGG grandfather but it's empty. What should I do?

If the page is empty with only a name or says simply "Table of Contents":
  • It may have been created in Structures from census or other historical records
  • An empty page may also indicate that the person has been entered into a DNA structure
  • It may be somebody clicked on a "?" and then choose not to complete the newly created page
In these cases, you may fill in the page with biographical information and a narrative then incorporate it into your family structure. Please apply the "Person Page-lite" template to the empty page before you start to add information.

Someone has already created a complete profile page for my GGGG grandfather. What should I do?

The page may have been entered by another member of your family or simply a Reeves researcher who acquired the information in the course of their research.
  • If the information is correct, you may add any additional documented information and incorporate the page into your family structure. You might also want to contact the page author and/or contributors - you may have found a cousin.
  • If the page has incorrect information entered by another community member, you should contact a member of your mentor team to request that the information be reviewed by system administration in an effort to correct and resolve the issue.
In any dispute regarding a previously entered person, be sure to check and recheck your own documentation to be sure that the other individual's information is incorrect before approaching the page creator/author and laying claim to an individual. We all find many similarly named individuals and uniquely identifying them can be challenging.