Carisbrooke (St Mary), IoW, Hampshire, England

Carisbrooke (St Mary), IoW

Carisbrooke, IoW, Hampshire


Carisbrooke is a large ancient parish in the liberty of West Medina on the Isle of Wight. The village sits under the hill on which the historical castle of the same name stands. It is about 1.5 miles WSW of Newport, the modern administrative centre of the island. For additional information please see A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 5 at British History Online

Parish Church

The Parish (CofE) Church is St Mary the Virgin, Carisbrooke, which can be found here on Google Street View.

St John's Church Carisbrooke was built in 1837 to serve a district of the Parish of Carisbrooke, as the mother church was by then too small. It was not until 1896 that St John's became a parish church in its own right and became formally known as St John's Newport in 1986. (See http://www.newportminster.org/stjohns/st_johns_history.php)

The ancient parish of St Nicholas in Castro, the church within Carisbrooke Castle is described elsewhere.

Parish Registers

"A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 5" (pub 1912) indicates three early registers as follows
the first contains all entries from 1572 to 1653; the second births from 1653 to 1660, baptisms 1661 to 1672, marriages 1652 to 1659, burials 1653 to 1662; the third baptisms from 1661 to 1696, marriages 1662 to 1691, burials 1662 to 1672.

The Isle Of Wight Record Office offers a more comprehensive list at http://www.iwight.com/library/record_office/Types_of_Records/parishst.asp.

The Records Office also details registers for St John's http://www.iwight.com/library/record_office/Types_of_Records/2carisbro.asp

Adjacent (Pre 1832) Parishes

To the east Carisbrooke is is bounded by the River Medina, with Whippingham on the opposite bank and by the parishes of Newport and Arreton; to the south by Gatcombe and Shorewell. To the west lies Calbourne, a detached portion of Shalfleet and a detached portion of St Nicholas in Castro; to the north Northwood and the extra-parochial area of Parkhurst Forest. Whilst the parish of St Nicholas in Castro has several detached portions, the Castle and Church are surrounded by this parish of St Mary the Virgin, Carisbrooke.

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