Reeves Review - Benjamin Reeves, Page 15, ID 74

Benjamin Rives, Page 15, ID 74

Errors of The Reeves Review II

Benjamin Rives

Page 15, ID 74
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With the exception of his father, George, the lineage listed as (George, John, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert) is incorrect.

See errors noted for George Rives, Page 12, ID 33, who was his father. Additionally, the correct surname was Reeve or Reeves, not Rives.

Benjamin Reeves is not related to the Rives family of Surry/Sussex who are documented in DNA Group 8 of the Reeves DNA Project. A descendant of Benjamin Reeves through his son Austin Smith (164.i) has participated in the Reeves DNA Project and been placed in DNA Group 10.

Benjamin was in Hampshire County by 1765, when he worked as a chain carrier for a tract being surveyed in the Northern Neck Proprietary.

The 1770 deed that mentions Benjamin is not the deed of gift from his father (which was conveyed in 1751), but a deed in which Benjamin sold land to Maximilian Haynie. He did not sell the land immediately after receiving it, but waited 19 years before selling it. He also did not move to Kentucky in 1770, but remained in Hampshire County until 1792.

The existence of children named Priscilla (165.ii) and Jane (167.iv) have not been established and they are not named in Benjamin's 1794 will. However, in addition to sons Austin Smith and Samuel, the will names as his children - Sarah Reeves Fields and Benjamin Reeves along with the children of daughter Nancy Reeves Rose who appears to be deceased by 1794.

(Partially furnished by Lois Downey.)

See complete transcript of Benjamin Reeves 1794 Will here.